Hello Everyone

Hope You are all well. Thank You all for Your kind wishes on My tenth year is business. To say the past decade has been an emotional rollercoaster would be an understatement but it has been great fun all the same.

I set up Platinum in 2007 at Mill lane Castlebar ( now The Hair Gallery) In 2010 I relocated up to Market Sq My current location.

You could say my business start up was “on a wing and a prayer” it was all done on dream and a very tight budget at the time. I wanted My own space to look after My clients and create beautiful hair. Having buckets of drive, determination and plenty passion for Hairdressing was the fuel that kept Platinum going. Business skills, financial knowledge and budgeting were skills I had to learn the hard way. There’s a lot more to keeping a business open long term than just doing hair and chatting with clients. However the learning curves are all part of the Cut and thrust of it. Pardon the pun.

Throughout My career I have always been very passionate about Coloring hair. Although I love all aspects of Hairdressing color will always be My niche. Lifting to achieve the perfect blonde, toning hair, coverage of grey, changing tonality etc etc. Understanding the science behind Coloring hair has been a key factor for My business. Since teaming up with Alfaparf Milano Ireland in 2010 I have been involved in ongoing training completing My first color degree in 2011. Earlier this year I completed an Advanced Master color specialist degree with Ger Hand Alfaparf technical manager.

My partnership with Alfaparf has been crucial to the success of My salon. The past decade has not been an easy time for any business. The knowledge and expertise I gained through Alfaparf education via color, cutting, scalp, retail courses has been invaluable. I love to keep training so I can provide the best possible service for My clients. Trends change and Customer needs will always change with the seasons. It’s important for Me as a hairdresser to move forward to meet clients needs.

Social media has had a huge impact on My business. It has allowed Me to communicate with potential clients and engage with other local business. My salon Facebook page can be used to book appointments. Local people use this as it’s convenient and they can do it at a time that suits them. I often get messages from those living abroad to book appointments for upcoming trips home. Weddings, family occasions, Christmas, Summer holidays etc

My Facebook page PLATINUM Hairdressing contains a section of video hair tutorials including Blowdrying, Curls and backcombing. They may come in handy for the party season. I also use Instagram for My business I’m MrsDillons_diary over there. I use the Instagram stories feature to chat about hair and show some hair tutorials.

As Platinum is a small business I’m lucky enough to be able to look after all clients Myself. This works very well I really enjoy the one to one appointments and My clients love it too. It’s a personal bespoke service and makes for a very enjoyable relaxing in salon experience. I offer Cutting, Coloring, highlighting, Balyage, upstyling, curling, Blowdrying etc. I offer a free consultation previous to all appointments. I reccomend this as it allows Me to see the hair and assess what needs to be done. I also reccomend a 48 hour psych test for all Colour appointments. This can be done at the same time as the consultation it’s also free and only takes a minute.

You can contact Me by telephone 0949035835

Or via email info@platinumhairdressing.ie

My website www.platinumhairdressing.ie

My Facebook page Platinum Hairdressing

Or by calling to My salon at Market sq Castlebar.

Thank You for reading and If You would like to hear more from Me check out my lifestyle blog MrsDillonsDiary.ie



Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon