Hey Everyone,

As my regular readers will know, We are all spending quite a bit of time in Galway as our Mum is in hospital up there at the moment. I took a wander into town today just to have a look around the shops. My mind was all over the place so a break from the Hospital was no harm at all.

While in town I met up with my brother Padraig, We decided to grab a bite to eat in Galway instead of waiting until We got home. I had heard loads about 56 Central, so it was the perfect time to try it out. I had to go move my car as I had stupidly parked at Debenhams which closes at 6pm Grrrrr. So I quickly moved to the Dyke Road car park and walked back in to meet Padraig


Once I made it back to Shop street  I had a quick look at the Menu outside the door first I saw a few salads and reasonably healthy things on the menu. Padraig asked me was it all women’s food they served???   I presumed this meant was there anything but healthy food on the menu. I spotted a beef burger and some other Cajun wrap, beef nachos, chicken wings, chips etc etc. So I guessed 56 Central would meet both our requirements.

It was after 5.30pm when We arrived and I thought maybe We would miss out, but the girls were lovely and friendly and it was no problem at all once our orders were in before the kitchen closed at 6pm. I spotted the Mexican Street food salad, spiced chicken with mixed salad, avocado and spicy yoghurt dressing. It had my name written all over it. Yummers! I ordered a portion of sweet potato fries to accompany my salad, & a sparkling water.



Padraig went for the Burger, this came with cheese, lettuce,jalapenos & tomatoes on a crusty roll, with spicy mayo. He also went for the sweet potato fries & a coke. Its great to see sweet potato fries on a few menus lately, these were oven baked I think as there was no oil on them as far as I could see, I was delighted about this. My salad was absolutely huge and totally delicious, full of flavour and the chicken was really tasty and moist with Mexican spices. The avocado was fresh and delicious and I’m nearly sure there was a hint of lime in there somewhere. There was also a slice of yummy brown bread which had walnuts in it, Amazing.

our yummy feast

our yummy feast

So all in all we had a great experience, Padraig had a clean plate, and I couldn’t finish mine there was so much food. The bill came to €31.10 I thought this was fairly reasonable as the food was of very good quality. We were’nt left waiting too long either. It was a lunch/brunch style menu on today, but it suited us perfectly.   I was very impressed with 56 Central, & will definitely eat there again. I would like to try out the casual dining evening menu next time . Maybe Mr Dillon will take me there on our next weekend away. 56 Central is located just opposite McDonalds on shop street so You cant miss it. Its a great spot for lunch if You are out shopping.

So that’s all for now folks,

Hope You all have a great weekend and Thanks for reading,

Love, Maria xx

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon