About Me

A little about me.
  • I am a hair stylist running my own salon in Castlebar since 2007.
  • I have a gorgeous son Lee, he was born in 2004 when I was 23.
  • I’m newly married  to Patrick, & living it up in wedded bliss.

I have always been ambitious and this year I decided to push it forward with my blog documenting my lifestyle and business here in Mayo.

Throughout my career I have always loved to gain as much knowledge as possible. So I felt it was time to put all my expertise to good work.

I am passionate about hairdressing, make up, clean eating, healthy living, personal development, staying motivated, & inspiring others towards productivity and positivity.

I consider myself to be very knowledgeable on most hair, make up and grooming matters.

I have had enough experience over the years, and loads of professional training.

Giving advice is part of my daily routine in the salon.

I love to share my experience with others, it’s all part of the service.

As a recent bride I managed to shed three stone for our wedding.

Believe me it took blood, sweat and tears. Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, but I didn’t expect it to be that hard.

It was all worth it in the end.

Throughout my journey I posted on social media. The response and well wishes I received was phenomenal. People are so kind.

So Mrs Dillons Diary just kind of evolved, from my salon Facebook page to my Instagram account and led me to full blown Blogger.

So here I am, if Your loves are Hair, Make up, Food, Fashion & Fun. Join me on Here I hope You enjoy reading about my experiences as much as I love writing about them.

Remember You can leave feedback in the comments section I would love to hear from You.

Please note that anything I write is my personal experience and opinion.

I look forward to hearing from You in the comments section. Don’t forget to subscribe So You don’t miss a blog post.

Thank You for reading and remember sharing is caring.

Love Mrs Dillon