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I’m finally back after a long break from blogging. I’ve had a very busy few months at work and My salon has needed all my attention. I’ve been up to my eyes working and studying for my second Chemical colour degree with Alfaparf Ireland.

Back in 2011 I done my first Colour Masters degree. Six years later I returned to complete an advanced Master degree. You may not realise how complex Colouring hair actually is. There will always be changes in Hair Chemistry due to environmental changes, water supply etc. It’s essential that We as hairdressers understand the impact these changes have while Colouring hair. With the latest buzz word in Hairdressing being bond rebuilders, it’s important that We have an in depth knowledge of hair structure. In order to use these new products efficiently and safely.

Throughout my career I have always enjoyed learning new skills, keeping updated and gaining as much knowledge as possible. Constantly striving for better results for My clients is important to Me. It keeps Me motivated as I really enjoy pushing out of my comfort zone.

On Jan 9th Myself and a group of fabulous Ladies met in Killashee hotel in Nass for our Masters degree part two. We were taught by Alfaparf technical manager Ger Hand. Any hairdressers out there who may have learned from Ger will know He has a phenomenal way of getting his in depth knowledge across to his eager students.

There was a lot of information and We really got through so much in those five days. My head was ready to explode with all the information. We had to take on a little project and complete a model to show our skills as colour technicians.


Tracey pictured above was my lovely model for my project. Tracey originally had a heavy cosmetic violet shade in her hair.Anyone who has ever been this colour knows how difficult it is to change it. As Tracey had a good percentage of grey She was looking for a more natural shade that would be more professional for work. Also easier to maintain.  I removed this  taking it to a copper and recoloured it to a rich chocolate brown. I also prescribed the correct home care to nourish Tracey’s hair and recondition it. It takes a little bit of time to make a big change like this but with the right advice and expertise it can be done. Tracey also let me cut 5 inches off her hair.

Tracey’s changing shades

So Yesterday We all met up again in Dublin in Gers sisters salon in Baldoyle. We presented our models explained what We done and sat Our written exam. It was great to see everybody again and also great to get the exam over.

I met some fabulous ladies on the course like Denise Walsh who owns Rustique salons in Kilkenny & Carlow. Janice McCarthy who owns Be fabulous Hair in Cork. Debbie Hurley who owns DKH hair in Cobh Co Cork. The lovely Aine Casey from Naas. Jasmine who owns Jazzelle hair salon in Longford Elaine who’s manages a chain of Dublin salons and Sylvia who owns Colour bar in Sligo. Also Niamh, Katz, Karen Edita, Louisa & Lisa

So all in all it was tough but a great experience. All I have to do now is wait for my exam results. Hopefully that part will also go well.

As always folks thank you for reading

Chat soon

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon