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Hope You are all well. As You might know We recently travelled to Alicante in South East Spain right on the Mediterranean Sea. It was Simply divine to experience a week in the Sunshine and soak up some of that Spanish lifestyle. The scenery, the tapas, the history, such a beautiful place to spend a weeks holidays in September or anytime really.

Back in May I booked Ryanair.com flights from Our local airport here in Mayo Irelandwestairport.com

I based the trip on where We could get flights from Knock. The fights were Tuesday to Tuesday which suited Me perfectly to take time off work. The sheer handiness of being able to travel to the airport in thirty minutes always wins Me over.

On the morning of Our flight We arrived early and flew through security. Of course I indulged in a little Airport shopping while My darling Husband had the obligatory “fry up” in the cafe. Although it was a very busy morning We took off on time and were on our way to Spain.

Three hours later We landed in Alicante where We jumped into a taxi and showed the driver Our hotel. This was very straightforward and We arrived at Hotelalbahia.com (a lovely hotel I would highly reccomend a stay here) twenty minutes later. Passing along by the marina overlooking that beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea with the golden sandy mountains as a backdrop. I could feel the heat from the Sun on My face. That warm breeze feels so lovely and it was good to soak in all the glorious vitamin D.

We spent the first few days wandering around the beautiful city. The tree lined esplanade (a tiled area) in the City centre is so beautiful to look at mesmerising even. We explored all the Spanish little squares in the old town. I would highly reccomend coming off the main tourist areas and checking out these places. The little Spanish bars off the beaten track have the most amazing tapas. Drinks are very reasonable in these places compared to the main thoroughfare. You will find great value as well as authenticity if You venture through the narrow cobbled streets of Alicante.

Velvet tapas bar was one of my favourite places to eat. I had this delicious duck and goats cheese with mango dressing for lunch one day. So good to sit in the Sunshine and enjoy such good food. I was there on a Saturday afternoon and it seems the tradition is groups of Friends Co workers etc gather to eat, drink, chat outside the restaurants. Such a beautiful practise I wish We had that here in Ireland.

We ate in Unik Asian Thai restaurant on two occasions. The food was so delicious and waiters great craic. It doesn’t look great on the outside but it’s beautiful inside and the food is amazing and so affordable. Around €35 all in for two courses and two drinks each.

We visited the Castillo de Santa Barbra a historical sites the mountain top which overlooks the port of Alicante. Steeped in history this is one sight not to miss. We took the lift up as it’s a pretty deep climb in 25 degree heat Us poor Irish souls couldn’t take the pressure. It’s €3 per person for the lift. Well worth it for the views.

Our hotel was at the very end of a beautiful promenade. It was such a treat to walk this every day and smell the sea air. We didn’t mind the walk every day as it’s important to keep active on holidays. Burn off some of the extra food and drinks. We also walked around the main shopping areas. There’s a huge Zara H&M , Bershka, Sephora, Jdsports to name but a


Unfortunately Mr Dillon had to return home unexpectedly on the Saturday to attend a neighbours funeral. I chose to stay until the Tuesday morning. I sat by the pool at our hotel relaxing and reading enjoying the sunshine. The food and drinks at our hotel were very reasonable €12.50 special menu for three courses. Hotel staff we’re so kind and helpful. I felt perfectly safe there was a woman on My own for three days.

For My return home to Mayo the hotel staff organised a taxi to collect Me at 5am. They have a deal with the taxi company I paid €26 at hotel reception where they gave Me a voucher to give the Taxi driver.

I admit I was a little anxious about travelling to the airport alone but the hotel staff put my mind at ease. (I may have watched too many episodes of Criminal minds)

It was perfectly safe and I arrived at Alicante airport in good time for my flight back home to Knock.

Of course I got chatting in the que for the plane with some lovely People from Ballina and Swinford. Mayo folk always have to have the craic and banter when We meet abroad. I was chatting to two couples who have flown to Alicante from Knock numerous times and live the place.

Again Our flight got off in great time and We left Alicante around 6.50am. After some chats on the flight We landed back into Knock around 9am Irish time.

As per always the breeze nearly took the legs off Me when I stepped out of the plane. Luckily I was dressed for the occasion (once bitten) I always think when I feel that blast of fresh air on the runway at Knock “It’s good to be home”

I had only hand luggage so I flew through and Mr Dillon was waiting for Me outside. We were back in Castlebar to go for breakfast in Cafe Rua by 11am. All in all not a bad mornings work.

As far as I am aware flights to Alicante from Knock are finished for the Winter months but for anyone looking for a break next year I would highly reccomend. Spain is very reasonable for eating drinking, socialising etc

Breakfast buffet

This was a very reasonable holiday with flights for both of us costing €250

Our hotel for seven nights including breakfast came in at €514

Taxis to and from the airport €48

€812 all in for a week in the sun.

You couldn’t complain about prices like that.

To fly from Knock and be in Spain in three hours is just fantastic. I’m looking forward to Our next trip already.

Hope you enjoyed this post and please give it a share.

Thanks for reading

Love Maria


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon