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It’s been a lovely relaxing February so far. Traditionally it’s one of the quieter months in business. I have had some time to destress and unwind a little. It’s so easy to get caught up in the pressures of life. Sometimes situations or people can drain the life from us. It’s so important to put our own mental health and emotional well being first. 

Finding beauty in unusual places


Lough Lannagh Castlebar

Those who are following me for a while know my Instagram feed is full of photos of lough lannagh, trees, local scenery, water etc. I always find the beauty of the west of Ireland breathtaking. Looking at pretty scenes give me feelings of positivity. I always find it very calming to walk by the water, that’s why there’s loads of Lake selfies on my Insta and snapchat.

So over the last few weeks We have tried out a few new places to walk. On Valentine’s Day we did the Raheen Woods walk out the Newport Road. It’s not a very long walk but You could easily walk around the loop twice. It’s just fabulous out there in the beautiful woodland walk. I’d highly recommend it. A great spot and only minutes from Castlebar Town. 


Raheen Woods

On the same day We made a trip to Belmullet. On a beautiful clear day there’s nowhere more beautiful than the beaches of North Mayo. We stopped for a quick snack in the Broadhaven bay hotel. A beautiful spot for a little mini break. I hear there’s some great walking trails in the locality which We intend to explore soon. 



Last week We took a spin up to Cong on Friday evening. What a quaint beautiful little place. We went for a long walk around the grounds of Ashford Castle, it is spectacular.A stunningly  beautiful place. Mesmerising to be honest. We would love to stay there sometime as a special treat. I’d say it’s an awesome experience.  I’ve heard the food is to die for. We walked all around the grounds it was just fabulous. I would highly recommend a visit to this amazing spot. Ashford Castle is on the Galway Mayo border, definitely worth the trip to Cong. 

Ashford Castle


Amazing entrance to Ashford Castle

So I’m thinking of taking a photography course starting at the end of March in Castlebar. I’m always snapping on my phone but I have a dslr camera too. It’s a hobby for me really. I love to celebrate the beauty of Mayo and share it with the world through my social media channels. I think the colours and the landscape this time of year is just beautiful. I love that We live in such a spectacular County. So I was inspired to write this post on some of our Local beauty spots that I enjoy. I also love the turlough greenway and the windmill walk out the old Glenisland road. The Booster station is another fabulous spot for a hill walk.  I’m sure there are more glorious spots around   . I intend to explore a lot more in the coming months. I will keep You all informed of any beauty spots that I discover. 


A few steps from our home in Ballyheane

So that’s it for today folks, I hope You enjoyed this post and please give it a share to promote our beautiful County Mayo.

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Love Maria xx 

Yet another photo of the lake


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon