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Hope You are all Well, I’ve been busy lately getting ready for December. On Sunday I had a lovely day in Dublin at  the Blogger Conference. This is my idea of heaven a great day out with like minded people. I just love going to these meet ups and I always get loads of inspiration and ideas for my blog. It’s lovely to spend time with others that have the same interests as myself. It can be hard at times because some people can’t understand what the “blogging bug” is all about. I often get asked why do you blog?? Isn’t it a lot of work?? Social media addicts like myself don’t see it as work though. We blog because we love it. We document our lives and loves for many different reasons. Some do it to grow their business, or to self motivate, some do it for their love of fashion, food , photography etc. There’s no real rules, if your passionate about it you can blog about it. Either you have the “blogging bug” or You don’t. That’s my view anyway. I certainly have it. So a day of listening to inspiring talks on all things blogging and social media related is pure bliss. 


A little windswept in Dublins Docklands

The Blogger Conference was held in The Marker Hotel in Dublin. This is a fabulous part of the city and a perfectly apt location. As far as I know this is the social media hub of Ireland. Google and Facebook have offices in the locality. The Marker Hotel is a super cool venue with a great atmosphere. It was a great choice for the event organised by the lovely Emma o Farrell from EOF media in Dublin. 

I met up with my lovely friends Amy from Floralesque blog and Sarah  from Siren and Soul. We are all members of Into the west blogger network based in Galway. We also ran into our friends from The creative yoke, blog and Mags style. 

One from Snapchat

There wereloads of amazing speakers on the day. It was a lot of information but great fun too. I learned loads but it felt like we were all there having the craic. I love when learning and good fun roll in together like that. The day absolutely flew. The hillarious James Butler was MC for the day. If you are not already following him on Snapchat add him ASAP the man is actually hilarious. 


We heard from Rachel Dalton who is a PR guru. Jenny Taffe from Izest marketing and got some great tips on personal branding. Jenny and her team look after Pippa O Conner, I often wondered who handled Pippas PR as she has achieved so much and has a following most of us could only dream of. So I was very interested in Jenny’s tips and advice. 



We also got some legal advice on how to mind ourselves online. This really opened my eyes to the legality of posting online. It’s not just about not writing anything negative about anyone. In a world where we over share all the time, things could get messy. Definitely one to think about. We also heard from Laura Haugh who writes for Mummypages.ie her hints and tips for getting noticed as a writer were very helpful.  The info on Google Adsense was great as I had been a bit baffled by it before. It was great to get an insight. 


 Soon it was time to break for lunch as we were all starving after all that heavy concentration. The Marker Hotel looked after us in style with a fabulous spread of yummy sandwiches and treats.


Amazing coffee in The Marker

Barbra Scully was one of my favourites from the day. She was so charming and full of wit. Her talk was very inspiring. Barbra hosts a radio show which is something I’m quite interested in pursuing myself at some stage. I’ve done a few small bits on local radio and I’ve always really enjoyed it. 

We were treated to a Canon camera masterclass with Simeon Quarry this was hillarious  and just brilliant fun. Simeon’s approach to delivering the information to us was so energetic and full of life I didn’t even feel like I was learning at the time. I will definitely remember his tips on lighting and video.

Samantha Kelly otherwise known As tweeting goddess gave us a lovely talk on Twitter. I’m a big fan of Samantha so I was delighted to see her there. I think she’s a brilliant business lady and so down to earth and helpful too.  Later on We heard some great You tube advise. We also heard from the panel of Lifestyle, fitness and travel bloggers. Last speaker of the day was fashion blogger Anouska who was great fun. Her Instagram is to die for. We heard a few of her photography tips. 


All in all the day was great fun. I met some lovely people including Karen from Declare Ireland. It was lovely to see Freida from Athlone town Centre again too. Our goodybags were packed full of treats for us to try. As a hairdresser I’m very interested in the Viviscal products from Life’s too good. 

Blogger conference 22/11 was a brilliant day I really enjoyed it and I’m already looking forward to the 2016 event. 

Thank You all for reading and remember Sharing is caring.

Love Maria xx


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon