As some of You may already know, I lost 42lbs for my wedding last March.

People always ask me how I stay motivated??

I find forward planning is a great tool.
If I plan my week and write it down, I will stick to my schedule.
Meal planning is the easiest way to stay on track.
Routine is everything.
Leaving things to chance, only ends in disaster for me anyway.
As I will get distracted and just give in.
So here’s a few breakfast ideas on how I start my day.

Getting up early to prepare a decent breakfast is crucial.
Rolling out of bed late and rushing around all morning chasing my tail, is my nightmare.

I usually choose good quality protein first thing in the morning.

breakfast-ideas-1This is a really simple breakfast,

One large mushroom grilled,
One egg fried,
A few cherry tomatoes,
A slice of avocado,
A few leaves of spinach.

Simple, tasty and filling, a great combo of veg and protein to start the day. It takes less than ten minutes.
Breakfast really excites me, it’s my favourite meal of the day.
After fasting through the night, I wake up starving.
Breakfast should be enjoyable, taking the time to enjoy my morning coffee and sit to eat for 10 minutes is my little gift to myself. Another simple way to do, eggs, mushroom and spinach for breakfast.
I’ve added a little balymaloe relish to this one.

breakfast-ideas-3Now for a sweet breakfast,
Sweet omelette, with a spoon of Greek yogurt and a drizzle of maple syrup.
Easy peasy to make.
Fry off the fruit for a minute in coconut oil, Add the beaten egg, Once cooked add the yogurt and maple syrup.
Voilà, delicious sweet breakfast in minutes.




Last one is
3 mushrooms
Stuffed with mozzarella & red peppers,
2 bacon medallions.
I pop the lot in the oven for about 10 mins at 220 degrees.
Add a bit of jalapeño relish to taste.

I’m a coffee addict so I have at least 2 cups before I leave the house in the mornings.
I hope this gave you a few ideas, for breakfast.
Let me know how you get on in the comments section.

Thanks for reading,
Mrs Dillon xx

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon