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Im finally getting through posting these recipes from Last week. The burrito bowl was a very popular one. It’s a low carb version but You could easy add brown rice, homemade wedges or if you are treating Yourself Nachos would be divine. I had mine on a bed of spinach as I was saving my macros for a weekend away for Our anniversary. The burrito bowl was absolutely delicious and definitely one I intend to make again this week. I served it with guacamole, recipe is on here and Glenisk natural yogurt instead of sour cream. But as I said feel free to adapt it to your own taste.

Here it is, enjoy

Love Maria


Low carb Buritto bowl


Lean mince beef %5 fat, I used the Aldi one.

1 onion chopped

Chopped Garlic and chilli, I used the tube version from Tesco very handy and quick.

Chopped courgette

Chopped peppers

Chopped Mushrooms

Beef Oxo cube

Chilli powder.

Smoked paprika

Spinach leaves

Spoon of guacamole

Spoon of Greek yogurt

Wedge of lime

A few jalapeño peppers

20g of cheese


Brown off the minced beef and onion in a little bit of your preferred oil. I used rapeseed oil. Add in your veg and oxo cube in a little water. Add a generous spoon of chilli powder and smoked paprika. Cover for a few minutes and cook until the meat is done to Your liking.  Simmer for about 10 minutes to let the flavours mingle. You could add some kidney beans here too. I just didn’t have any so I left them out.

When Ready to assemble, place a few spinach leaves in a deep bowl. Spoon The spicy mince on top, add the cheese let it melt. Top with a few jalapeño peppers a spoon of guacamole and a spoon of Greek yogurt, add a wedge of lime.

That’s it folks, a delicious low carb meal in minutes. Simply divine and an explosion of flavours.

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon