Hi Everyone

I hope You are all well. This week I tried out the Cailyn o! Wow brush along with the Cailyn BB compact foundation. I have to say I was very impressed with both. I have dehydrated skin and it has taken me ages to find a foundation I love for everyday wear. The Cailyn BB compact in shade no 2 sandstone (for me) gives lovely coverage but it’s not too heavy. It’s creamy and hydrating. I can be dry and flaky around my nose area. After a few hours my foundation can look very cakey. This was NOT the case with the Cailyn BB compact. Even after 7/8 hours on it was still perfect. I didn’t have that tight itchy feeling. I didn’t need to use any powder to set it as it dries to a lovely velvet finish while still remaining dewy. 


I had heard of Cailyn from a few other bloggers on snapchat. I was very interested in trying out the o! Wow foundation brush. So I had a look on the Cailyn Ireland website  and purchased the brush and the foundation. With postage It was just under €60 for the two. I love this brush, it’s just fabulous. So easy to blend and it’s the perfect size with a pointed top for hard to reach areas. It’s ideal for applying foundation and to blend in consealers, contour and highlight. You can also use it with powders but I think it really excels with liquid or cream products. It blends foundation and consealers effortlessly leaving a flawless finish.


I don’t really tend to write many product reviews but when I find something that’s really good I will share it with You.  I know a few of my snapchat followers have already ordered the brush after watching me use it on Friday. Don’t forget to snap me and let me know how You get on if You order it. 


I actually wore the foundation again on Saturday and even wore it out on Saturday night. It’s perfect for my skin and lasts very well. 

As always thank you for reading and please share this post.

Love Maria xx

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon