lough lannagh

lough lannaghHi Everyone,

I just thought Id share, my little piece of heaven with You today. For the locals  You are all very familiar with Lough Lannagh. For all my other readers, Lough Lannagh is our little urban retreat here in Castlebar. Lough Lannagh consists of a great little walking trail around the town lake, basically. Its been kept really well and in fairness We are really lucky to have it. Its about 2k to loop around I usually do 2-3 laps as my workout. The thing is the place is absolutely beautiful. You are walking along by trees, water and a fabulous view of Crogh Patrick. There is a bridge crossing the lake and You can walk around by the playground if You wish. Even on a wet day there is still something lovely  about the place. The photo above was taken last March just before our wedding. The one below I took this morning.

lough lannagh I mean seriously, isn’t it just beautiful, I’m really lucky because I get to walk here a few times a week. It takes me about five minutes  to walk from my salon to here. I try and go on my lunch hour if I can, well the days I get a lunch (hairdresser problems eh?) This place is my “chill out time” after a few laps of “the lake” as we call it locally I just feel all my stress melts away. Its such a lovely calming place, even when my mind is in turmoil over something I can always see things more clearly after a good brisk walk here.

There’ s the Greenway Café for anyone who wants to stop for a bite of lunch. I always think its a bit cruel to be advertising delicious desserts and us poor souls out in all weather trying to fight the flab. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the Greenway café just yet but I have heard fantastic reports on it and I will try it out soon.

lough lannagh So You can see from the photos why us folk of Castlebar love the place so much. I genuinely think it has brought such contentment to the locals. I think it just brilliant and it has really helped me to de-stress and look after my mental health, as well as helping with weight-loss and fitness.

So there You have it, one of the many little gems here in the West . I often think visitors to the town probably miss out on it. Its only minutes away from the main shopping area. Next time Your in Castlebar pop down and see for Yourself. Trust me the place is so calming You will fall in love with it, and stop at the Greenway Café, if they can tempt you in.

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Love Maria xx


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon