Hi Everyone

Happy Christmas to you all. I want to say a big massive thanks to You all for reading my blog and following me on my social media all year. My lovely ladies who come to Platinum are just the most amazing thoughtful people in the world. A huge thanks to you all and of course to Sarah my wing woman who keeps the show on the road when I’m not around. 2015 was an emotional roller coaster for myself and my family. We had extreme highs and extreme lows. From the laughs on my hen in January and the fabulous run up to our wedding in March. To the terrible loss of our Mum in August and the arrival of my nephew in September.  It’s been a busy year. 


Love Maria xx

My hen Athlone Jan 15′


Married in March




Mount Falcon in June


With my bestie Rena at the Galway races

We lost our beloved Mum in August. It was the worst ordeal of our lives, a very tough time for us all. 


August was a very difficult time for us all.


On honeymoon in New York in september


Celebrating 6 months married in Cancun


Uncle Padraig with his two nephews

Meeting Joanne Larby in October

Armada Spanish Point in November


At Daithis christening


Christmas wedding


Two beautiful boys on Christmas day


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon