Hi Everyone 

So today I jumped back on the clean eating bandwagon. My diet had gone out the window with all the crazy running and racing over the past two weeks. I started off by cooking up a veggie brunch for myself and my two sisters. I forgot to take a photo I was so busy cooking and wolfing into it. 

We had, sautéed spinach with yellow peppers & oregano,roasted cherry tomatoes and basil, mushrooms & black pepper with garlic salt, beans & 2 fried eggs each. We also had a slice of brown toast and I had coffee. It was delicious even if I say so myself. It was great to get back to eating loads of veggies again. I love how adding a few herbs to veg can bring out the flavour.

I spent most of my day doing a few bits around the house organising clothes etc.  I had to have dinner ready for Dad and my brother. I was under strict instructions to have a “proper”dinner ready at 1.30pm. A proper dinner is meat, veg & potatoes by the way.” No fancy stuff” So I cheated a little and got a cooked chicken from tesco. I did some new potatoes, carrots and parsnips (from the garden) mashed and a bit of gravy. 


This went down a treat and I had the same for my own dinner later on. Sometimes it’s the simple meals that can be the tastiest. After the last few weeks of living on sandwiches and grabbing food on the go. I’m delighted to get back to a proper eating routine.

In the afternoon I went for a quick visit to the graveyard and to Aldi to pick up some fruit, veg and shopping for the week. Lee is starting back to school on Tuesday so it’s back to Lunchboxes, uniforms and the dreaded homework.



When I finally arrived back to Ballyheane in the evening my Father in Law had a dinner ready. Of course I couldn’t turn my nose up at a hot meal. So I ended up eating a second dinner. A chop, potato, cauliflower & turnip. I wasn’t too worried as I was within my Unislim allowance anyway. 

I headed off for a 5k walk after dinner. I find walking really helps to clear my head. I was going over a lot of things in my mind and I did feel a bit sad. I’m sure it’s perfectly normal, to be up and down. I felt much better once I got home. A good blast of fresh air is good for the mind. 


fruit bowl & yogurt

On my return home I threw a little melon, strawberries & blueberries in a bowl with a few spoons of fat free yogurt. I drank loads of water throughout the day. It felt good to be back in control again and doing the simple things that make me feel good. I’m going back to my Unislim class on Wednesday all going well. I will keep You guys posted on how the week goes.

One day at a time eh???

Chat soon

Love Maria



Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon