Hi Everyone

I made this simple Thai curry over on my snapchat (mrspdilly2b) it was easy to make and so tasty. I got 3 portions out of it so You can adjust the measurements if Your cooking for the whole family. It’s an easy one as it cooks quickly. It also feels like a takeaway so great for a Sunday evening.

Hope you enjoy it and please share with anyone who might enjoy it.

Thanks as always

Love Maria


Chicken fillets chopped

Selection of finely chopped veg I used courgette, green pepper, red onion, celery, green beans.

Spoon of coconut oil to cook in, 1 tablespoon of desicated coconut.

Herbs & Spices Coriander, ginger, chilli, garlic, lemongrass.

Jalepenos & chilli flakes (optional) these will make it very hot leave them out if u prefer mild curry.

Glenisk natural Greek Yogurt 3 tablespoons

100mls of water.

1 tablespoon of cashew butter

Basmati rice boiled.


Place the chopped chicken in a bowl. Put all the herbs and spices into a blender with 100mls water and the Glenisk yogurt. Blitz into a runny sauce and pour over the chicken. Leave to marinade. You can leave this over night if You wish.

Next fry off all the veg in the coconut oil once they are cooked to your liking turn down the heat to a low setting.

Slowly add the yogurt and chicken mix to the pan stirring well. Cover and check every few minutes so it dosent stick to the pan. Once the chicken is cooked through add 1 tablespoon of cashew nut butter and stir well.

Serve with Basmati rice and top with fresh coriander and mango chutney.

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon