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You might remember a few weeks ago I showed You all some products I was sent to review. In the package was two teas to try out. I admit I thought “not a skinny tea please” but I tried them out. I have to say I was actually quite pleasently surprised. I’m a coffee drinker, although I have been trying to cut down so these were a tasty alternative. 

So there’s one to take in the morning and one at night. The night time tea was my favourite it’s kind of a liqurious flavour. I really liked it and it’s a nice habit to have a warm drink before bed I found it quite relaxing. The morning one is kind of a berry flavour and a little too sweet for my taste but if you like Berry teas you’ll love it. 

Now We all know diet and exercise is what will make us skinny not teas. Bear in mind I train four times a week and walk, and watch my food intake too. However I did find the teas helped me to feel less bloated. You will go to the toilet more often, which in my book is never a bad thing. Anyone who suffers from a sluggish digestive system will love this stuff. It definitely helps to keep things flowing freely ?? Definetly one to have on standby after a heavy weekend of over indulgence. 

I used the teas for two weeks in the run up to my sisters wedding. There’s nothing like the fear of a dress and a family photograph to put the pressure on. I did find it helped as an aid to good diet and exercise. It also helped me to reduce my coffee consumption which is no harm. 

For any Local ladies Bourkes Pharmacy on Main Street Castlebar have the tea in stock. You will find it there. 

Hope this review helps, 

Love Maria xx

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon