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Well it’s the start of a new week and We are back to reality again. It’s back to healthy eating, walks and hydration for me. I had to face the reality of the scales today and holy mother of god I gained 7lbs!! I’m not surprised really considering the gluttony of An all inclusive holiday. This made me feel ugghhhhhhh!!! I’m Just absolutely sickened, but hey it’s done now. I’ve faced it head on and accepted it. Shur it happens to us all, right? The important thing is not to dwell on it. Move on get back on track and lose it again. There’s a huge difference between gaining a few lbs because you were living it up on holidays and weight gain from comfort eating. I know because I struggled to break my bad habits. It was a long road and it was really tough but I did it. Believe me I know better than anyone that weight management is a constant struggle. Even after maintaining my weight loss for over a year, it still takes a lot of work not to fall off the wagon. 


Photos like this motivate me

I use a few little mind tricks to pull myself back to reality after a big blow out. Progress photos really motivate me. Looking at how far I’ve come really makes me realise how much I need to keep going for my own happiness. I never hated myself when I was three stone heavier, but I didn’t feel like me. I know I’ll never be skinny and I’m fine with that. I love my curves, I just don’t want to be excessively overweight for my body shape. Size 14 is normal for me and I’m really happy at that size I really feel like myself in it. 

I’m a great fan of writing lists, writing down the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining my weight is a favourite of mine. Looking at it on paper helps to set my mind straight and stop me from losing my willpower. Clothes shopping is also a huge motivator for me. I love to shop especially in River Island and the thoughts of my lovely clothes not fitting anymore puts the fear of God into me. 


Changing room selfie

So my next step in getting back on the bandwagon is to do my shopping list, meal plan, head to Aldi and get all my supplies. I’m a great believer in the old saying “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” Having healthy food close at hand is half the battle. Getting back to exercise with a brisk walk in the fresh air will help to lift any holiday blues and give me a good energy boost for the day. 


Healthy snacks are great to nibble on between meals

So it’s back to UNislim on Wednesday for me. I hear they have a new recipe booklet out for autum. I’m looking forward to trying out some new meals over the coming weeks. I’m dying to make some pumpkin soup also. I made some last year with cinnamon and it was just gorgeous. A perfect autumnal warming meal. Il post the recipe soon, it’s really delicious. 

The holiday bulge


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Chat soon, Maria xx


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon