Hi folks 

Hope You are all well. I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages. I get so many questions over on Snapchat (mrspdilly2b) on how to get started in the gym etc. I said it was about time I told You all how I got started. Of course there’s plenty ways to get Your fitness journey going but this is how it all unfolded for me. 

I had always been into walking, I loved the fresh air and the de-stress factor of a good walk. However it just wasn’t challenging me anymore. I think I was just bored and needed a change. I had started to follow a few fitness accounts on Instagram and I was intrigued by the #fitfam #iifym I didn’t understand the Macro counting system but I was very interested in finding out how it worked. I of course wanted to look better, gain control over my eating, have toned arms and a smaller waist etc etc We’ve all looked on in envy of those #gymbunnies photos and wondered what exactly #legday involved. Well I wondered but didn’t really know Who to ask at that time. 

Jan 2016

At the start of 2016 I was not feeling the best mentally. Regular readers will know that my Mum died over a year ago. To say it was the most difficult time in my life to date is an understatement. I was in a very dark place in those first few months of this year. I felt so desperate and sad I was willing to do anything to make myself feel better. I ended up falling into the fitness craze by accident really. I never imagined at the time how much I would grow to love fitness. During those dark times it was the only thing that made my days more tolerable. Once I had done my workout I knew I would feel OK for that day. It was a tool I used to help claw my way back to feeling normal again. It took time, it was one day at a time but thank god it worked. I feel pretty good most days now. 

Left pic March Right pic Today

So around early March I started a beginners weight lifting group plan online with Georgiasfitlife.com I was following Georgia on Snapchat (georgiasfitlife?) and when She advertised the beginners plan I jumped at the chance to learn how to lift weights. All the workouts could be done from home with a set of Dumbbells. It’s quite a scary thing taking up a new hobby. Being part of a group online made it a lot easier as We were all new and I felt more comfortable than going to a gym. That seems crazy now but at that point I wasn’t mentally able to go to gym and get advice on starting a plan. I’m sure loads of others have felt this way too for their own reasons. Georgia gave us loads of tips and advice for starting off. Throughout the six weeks my confidence grew and I was even able to join the gym. 

I continued the workouts long after the six weeks were up. I loved it and really caught the lifting bug. I’ve been on a personalised one to one coaching plan with Georgia since the start of July. I’ve learned loads about nutrition and it has totally changed the way I eat. I plan my meals around training now and use food as fuel. I’m kinda sad it’s coming to an end but I’m confident about going it alone I’ve never felt so in control. 


Over the months my shape has really changed. I got smaller , loads of people comment on how much I have toned up. Lifting weights has really given me definition. I’m delighted with my results. Apart from the physical changes, I have improved mentally too. The confidence and mental clarity that regular exercise gives me is phenomenal. It must be the endorphins that help to stamp out negative feelings and self doubt. Since I’ve been regularly training in the gym 4/5 days a week I’ve never felt better inside and out. 

The Breaffy Club Castlebar

Anyway that’s how I got started, I hope this post helps someone. If Your thinking of getting started do it today. Trust me You won’t regret investing in Your health. It’s been the best time and money I’ve ever spent. The Breaffy Club where I train are having an open day tomorrow. It’s the perfect time to call and have a look around. There will be loads of new people there so it might not be as daunting. 

I get loads of lovely snaps from people to tell me I inspired them to join a gym. I’m glad my #gymselfies are helping to motivate people. Thanks for reading and please share this with someone who might enjoy it. 

Love Maria 


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon