Hello My Lovely’s

How are You all? The blog is getting a little revamp soon which I’m very excited for. In the meantime I will update you all on My fitness journey. All in all it’s been going great. I’ve been looking after My own training and nutrition since early December. This is a huge achievement for Me having worked with an online coach for so long. Il admit I was nervous at first but I have built some great habits and this really stood to Me.

You may have noticed I changed gyms back in November. I’ve been training at Castle leisure since. I love it there it’s kinda old school but there’s a great atmosphere and Everyone is very Friendly. I love training there. I think this has contributed to My consistency over the Winter months. It always helps when You look forward to going to the gym. It never feels like a chore then.

So from Mid October to Mid March I was on a maintenance phase. This meant I was eating around My maintenance calories or a little over. I wasn’t trying to lose body fat. I was still training four times a week, lifting heavy and I really enjoyed it. I worked hard on My hip Thrusts, Squat, deadlift and RDLs. I also put a lot of time and effort into training My back muscles. I spent time developing mind to muscle connection. This is a crucial part of training for hypertrophy or bringing up lagging body parts. In My case the glutes, I naturally have a pancake bum and hold fat around My middle.

100kg Hip thrust

My fave booty building exercise the hip thrust.

Nutrition wise I continued to count My macros, keeping My protein intake consistent. During this time I experimented with some vegetarian meals. I really enjoyed playing around with this style of eating. I enjoyed hummus, chickpeas, high protein cheeses egg white omelettes, veggie sausages. I was still eating meat too but I loved the challenge of trying to get the protein in while eating veggie.

The winter bulk

Darker days made better in the gym

Training through the Winter really helped My mental health as did eating well. The darker months can be so depressing I really could feel the difference with being consistent with exercise. It helped a lot I really find training to be a great mood booster. The gym is My happy place.

Day 1 of My Fatloss phase March 19th 2018

Spring rolled around very quickly and come mid March it was time to think about that summer body. I put a plan in place to start with a slight calorie deficit. I’ve adjusted My nutrition to suit the new goal. I’m more careful when I’m eating in a deficit. I weigh and measure and keep control of My intake. This ensures I stay in a calorie deficit which is essential for Fat Loss. While still eating enough to fuel My training. I’ve upped My training to Five days a week. Two leg days , two back days and one shoulder and arm day. At the moment I’m only doing a tiny bit of cardio but that will change as the weeks go by. I’m really enjoying it. I’ve settled into it now and My hunger signals have calmed I’ve adjusted into eating for fatloss again.

Three weeks progress above

So far I’m down 4lbs on the scale. I’m down 3 cm on My waist which is a more accurate measure than the sad step. I’m feeling great I look leaner in My gym selfies. The most important thing is I’m staying consistent. This is crucial because no fatloss plan can work if it’s too difficult to adhere too.

Slow and steady wins the race. There are no quick fixes in this game.

I will write another post in five weeks time and show My progress over the coming months.

Thanks Everyone for reading and for all Your support following My journey so far.

Chat soon

Love Maria


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon