Hi Everyone,jul 15 229So We are making an effort to try out a new “foodie haunt” once a month. I think We are so lucky in Mayo as We have some great places to eat. The quality of the food on the west coast is amazing & its good to go around and try new places. I really enjoy going out for dinner, more than going out for drinks. Im showing my age…   We really enjoy going out for a meal, as its a great way to spend quality time together. Sitting down to chat while facing each other is great for communication. Sometimes life can be so busy and its lovely to enjoy some relaxing time away from all the drama. So this month We decided to try Pat Cohan’s Gastro Pub in Cong. Its about a thirty minute drive from our house, so it was perfect. Mr Dillon agreed to let me have a glass of wine so He drove. I had a bit of a tough week to be honest so I had two glasses of pinot gricio  with my meal to unwind a bit.

jul 15 157Pat Cohans bar, is the famous pub in Cong from the old movie “The quiet man” The décor is really authentic looking. I love the old dresser style of the place with mismatched vintage teacups etc. Of course I’m a devil for anything Vintage looking anyway, so once I saw this on the website I was totally sucked in. So Pat Cohans is a Gastro Pub Menu, So its kind of like bar food but slightly more upmarket. Now personally, We love this kind of menu ourselves. I nearly prefer to go out for “Classy Bar Food” than fancier places. We are quite easily pleased really, We like our meat and veg type meals, Your usual steak, chicken, pork choices etc. So it suited us. I loved the relaxed atmosphere in the place, its not too formal. You could drop in there in your work clothes for a bite and a glass of wine.

jul 15 220So I am so predictable I went for my usual Goats Cheese salad, while Mr Dillon opted for the mushrooms on toast. His looked amazing, there was a creamy parmesan sauce on it. Yummers! My goats cheese salad had toasted almonds through it and roasted baby beetroot It was deliciously set off with fresh rocket. There wasn’t much dressing which I was glad about because the goats cheese was lovely and creamy so the combination of flavours were perfect.

jul 15 225Again We are creatures of habit and both ordered the steak, its Rib Eye steak, on this menu which can be a fatty cut of meat ,at the best of times but its flavour is second to none. We were not disappointed. The Rib Eye came bursting with delicious flavour, it was beautifully seasoned and cooked to perfection. Just nice and pinky in the centre, delicious. It comes with mushrooms, onion, broccoli and chips. I asked to swap the chips for a side salad. I had my pepper sauce on the side this wasn’t creamy it was more like a peppery red wine jus. This was absolutely delicious. I’d imagine it would be WOW poured over creamy mash, but I wanted to have dessert so no buttery spuds for me on this occasion. The side salad consisted of Rocket, leaves, baby beets and cherry tomatoes. There was no dressing but this was perfect for me as the meat was so juicy and flavoursome I didn’t need salad dressing. And yes I did wolf down that delicious looking onion ring, and YES it tasted as good as it looks.

jul 15 226

So onto dessert, I had saved some treat allowance from during the week to allow myself a dessert. When Your out Your out. I think its so worth not giving into all the smaller temptations just so I can let loose a bit and really indulge when I am somewhere really nice. So I went for the Almond and Rhubarb cake with cream and brown bread ice-cream. OOhh it was yummy, it was a small portion of the cake, I was relieved about this as I couldn’t have left a scrap behind it was so delicious. Mr Dillon had sticky toffee pudding, it looked fab and he had a very clean looking plate too.

jul 15 231jul 15 232

So all in all, our outing to Cong was a great success, We loved Pat Cohan’s Bar and all the staff were very friendly and had the chat and banter with us. We were not left waiting long at all, even though the lady who took our order had explained that the kitchen was very busy and there might be a delay. There wasn’t one. You can see by the décor and the menu that they are catering for tourists with some very Irish dishes like “beef and Guinness pie” etc  but this is ideal for locals too. The food  here is a good balance between being classy and yet its a good hearty Irish dinner at the same time. The bill came to €86 We had three courses each, I had a glass of wine & Americano , Mr Dillon had  a tea. We felt it was good value for money as the food was excellent and we couldn’t have complained about the service as everything was perfect. So YES Pat Cohan’s bar is definitely worth the trip to Cong. Actually Cong village itself is worth a visit as its a beautiful picturesque little place. They have some gorgeous little coffee shops and it was a busy little spot last night with Danagher’s Hotel across the road looking very busy, We might try the food there next.


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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon