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Hope You are all well. This week I hit a huge milestone. I hit Four Stone weight loss.   My “lifestyle project” began back in February 2013. Just to give a small bit of background for anyone that doesn’t know. I have run my own business since October 2007. On opening my salon and putting all my time and energy into getting it off the ground despite the finiancial crises of 2008. I really didn’t look after myself at all. I stopped exercising and cooking healthy meals. I picked up some very poor habits. Using wine & junk food to relax, grabbing chicken fillet rolls from delis and frothy full fat cappuccinos. You can fill in the blanks yourselves, by the time 2013 rolled around I had acquired four stone of fat.

I never hated myself when I was that big I wasn’t even that unhappy at the time but I didn’t feel like Myself. I just wasn’t Me I felt very lost and out of place in my own body if that makes sense. I joined Slimming world at the start of the year and it served Me well as a stepping stone and got Me on the right road. It’s funny I laugh now but I actually thought all I needed to lose was one stone when I first joined. At the end of that year We got engaged and the pressure was on for wedding dress shopping. I guess that’s what really pushed me to try and lose more. The fear of going up the aisle fat was enough to put the fear of God into Me. In 2014 I joined Motivation clinic in Castlebar. There I made Great progress and learned a lot about eating habits. I learned about Myself and why I had problems with self control. I learned how to relax using other methods and slowly I navigated my way out of those bad habits. I took time, a long time but I was changing slow and steady.

2015 came and Our fabulous wedding. Unfortunately a few months later We got the news that my Mum was terminally Ill. It was a horrific time for us all. Very stressful with a lot of heartache. Those who have lived through grief know exactly what I’m talking about. It really was a terrible time and the months that followed her death in August were just awful. The depression, anxiety and sadness carried into 2016. I was a member of Unislim during that time and I really believe it helped Me to maintain my weight loss. At that point I couldn’t even think about making progress it wasn’t a priority. I managed to maintain throughout that time which is an achievement in itself.

Going for walks kept Me sane in those dark days

Joining the gym in 2016 was the best thing I ever done. It really helped Me emotionally through a very difficult time. At that point I felt so low and all I wanted was to feel better. I began an online group plan with Georgiasfitlife.com It was a beginners plan teaching ladies with no experience how to start lifting weights.  If You need help with Your personal goals drop Georgia an email. She has helped Me loads Im currently on my third personalised plan. I have made great progress over the past year.  I love going to the gym and I actually really look forward to it. I love putting on my headphones and switching off from the world. It’s therapy aswell as working towards my goals.

Lighting goals

Keeping up a healthy lifestyle is a lot more mental than physical. We really need to focus on our emotional wellbeing. Dealing with our actual problems and facing them head on instead of becoming obsessed with fat loss, hiit, refeeds, mealprep and lowfat low carb etc etc. The reality is that none of it even matters, nothing matters only the way that You feel inside. Making our own emotional wellbeing and feeling of self worth the number one priority is the first step in the war on fat. In my personal experience weight gain is only a symptom of deeper running emotional needs that have been stifled or ignored for too long.

When I began to look after myself, I was able to tackle my bad habits one by one. I found ways to unwind that didn’t involve chomping down on junk food. Finding ways to find that “inner calm” was easier than I thought. A hot shower, new pajamas, fresh bedsheets, a roaring fire in Winter.  There are more pleasures in life than just food. Even though I am a total foodie but it’s all healthy stuff these days. Home cooked and yummy and all on my plan.

And so it continues, it’s a lifelong project by Me for Me. I’m addicted and just love the feeling of progressing while enjoying myself and living the life I love. Eating good food, training for fun. It’s all good and I’m very happy.

Thanks For reading my story and I hope You found it helpful. Please share it with anyone You think might like to read it.

Love Maria

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon