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I’m sharing my client Debbie’s hair journey today. This is a colour change I’m especially proud of . Although all of them give Me that warm fuzzy feeling, this one was a #peach literally ??

Debbie has been My client for a few Years now. We’ve had some great in salon bants about weight loss, weights, muscles, doms, recipes etc etc I was lucky enough to be Debbie’s bridal stylist for her wedding last May. I always look forward to her visits. Earlier this year She trusted Me to cut her waist length hair up to her shoulder. As always it was beautiful and She wears it so well.

So a few weeks ago Debbie text Me to ask about changing from her trademark red mane. She told Me her goal is to go blonde but she understands  it will take time. Having just completed my Advanced Colour Specialist degree (My second degree) with renowned colour wizard Ger Hand. Alfaparf tech manager extrordinaire, in January. I was confident I could do the job with a little patience and a few technical tricks.

So I began plotting and planning the task. Here’s where it gets technical and might be boring for any non hairdressers. Debbie’s hair is in excellent condition and I knew all of its chemical history that always helps. As You can see from the above pic there was quite a bit of red to remove. I began the cleanse with 4 scoops of Alfaparf EQ with 30 Volume I used 40g of HS bond rebuilder (essential for this kind of work) I began by loading the PL and working it through section by section. Half way through I had to mix the same again. Yes I needed that much product to ensure even lift. Soaking the hair in PL is vital to remove cosmetic colour pigments. Once complete I left it process for 55 minutes (  full development time)

After full development time I rinsed and applied Hair Supporters Hair and scalp restore. I dried it off and was left with a natural root, coral midband and peachy ends. I went back with cleanse no 2. I used PL & 30 volume with Hair Supporters on the midband only. I then applied bond rebuilder and water to her ends as a mini treatment & to protect in case of any overlap.  On her root section I applied PL & 20volume with HS scalp protector and bond rebuilder (again in case of slight overlap where the 30volume was) Always ensuring that the hair & scalp are protected. Once the natural hair was covered I skimmed over the ends with PL & 20 volume over the bond rebuilder to clean out any old pigments that might be left.

After full development time I rinsed and applied Hair & scalp restore for 10 mins. Rinsed, dried and went in with my toner. On the root section (which was now pale yellow) I used Alfaparf harmonisers shade 0.13 which has Biomemetic keratin technology to fill out any porosity issues. I added a pump of red, 2 pumps violet & 1 pump of copper pigments to give me the Dusky peach shade I wanted. I applied this to the root section.

I needed a little more cool tones for the  ends (which had a peachy tone) I used Harmonizers 01 with a pump of violet and a pump of copper. I used 5 volume 1:3 to blow out the tone and give me an even result. (All I needed really was the dusky part added to pre existing peach) Development time 20 mins.

The results were stunning and Debbie’s hair is still in fantastic condition. I’m sharing this information to help other hairdressers and also to show how much skill is actually involved. If You are thinking of having this done You need to book with a hairdresser that specialises in Colour change. It’s not just about getting the look on the day it’s about having the knowledge to preserve the condition as it’s always My priority.

Home care I reccomended for Debbie was Alfaparf Reconstruction shampoo & mask. If You need any advice or would like to book an appointment You can contact Me on 0949035835

Hope You enjoyed this post and share it with anyone You think might enjoy it.

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon