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I’m back with a post today that might help some of You. I often get messages from Ladies asking for help after a big blowout. I thought this was appropriate for today. I’m just back from a fantastic hen weekend in Bristol. Three days and nights of drinking, eating, laughing etc etc. We had a fantastic time and that’s what life is all about. Making memories with good friends and having fun. I don’t feel one bit guilty for a second of it. I enjoyed every bite of food and every drink. We all have hens, weddings , parties etc that’s life and it’s there to be enjoyed.

However, it’s Monday now and time to refocus and get back to my healthy habits. Exhaustion and dehydration are making me feel sluggish and demotivated. Tackling these issues one at a time and ticking them off the list helps me. I don’t jump straight back into it the first day. I ease myself in with a “transition day ” first. This usually works for me. I think it’s important to get the body and the mind in sync first. Getting into the right headspace is just as important as food prep, workouts etc etc. If the mind is not right, the body won’t perform. 

I’ve put togeather a few of my top tips and tricks that I use to steer myself back to normality. I hope You enjoy them and find them helpful. Please share the link with anyone who might like this post. 

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Maria xxx

  • Let go of the guilt, You had fun with Your besties. Move on enjoy looking at the photos and don’t worry about the indulgence. Life is for living. 
  • Do a healthy food shop, Your body needs good nutrition ASAP to help recuperate. Plan a family meal like a roast chicken dinner or a beef casserole. Something hearty and warming is the kind of comfort food that will help bring You round. I know it’s tempting but junk food won’t help You at this stage. 

  • Make enough food for tomorrow as well. Food prep sorted. Being organised will make You feel calm and in control. 
  • Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate if You find it hard to drink water, try herbal teas or sparkling water with lime is very refreshing. 
  • Get some fresh air, go for a walk If You are feeling too delicate for the gym. Put on those headphones and listen to some good music. A good blast of fresh air will clear Your head and help You to sleep. 
  • Chill for the evening, watch a movie or read a book for the evening. There’s no point pushing Yourself too much on the first day. You will be much better at handling tomorrow if You get enough rest today. 
  • Relax. A hot bath always helps me to destress after all the running and racing. Light a few candles and add some Epsom salts to the bath. A long soak before bed will send you off to a deep sleep. 
  • Go back to Your plan tomorrow. You will feel calm and ready. Don’t deprive Yourself to make up for the weekend. Just carry on as normal with good nutrition and training. Eat well to fuel those workouts and You will be back on track in no time. 

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon