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We have been having great success in the salon this week with Olaplex. We have done some beautiful work. A few transformations that would not have been possible without this fantastic product. As I have explained before Olaplex is a bonder which we add to our colours to help prevent hair breakage during the colouring process. We complete the process at the basin by sealing the Olaplex in with step 2. Olaplex can also be used as an in salon treatment. It goes on dry hair first for ten minutes then step 2 is completed at the basin. Hair is shampooed and conditioned after Olaplex. 


This colour change was carried out by Sarah in the salon. 



I did this beautiful combo of balyage and babylights on Saturday. I love the colour combination. It’s a perfect Autumn shade. 

Full head meche highlights

This full head of meche highlights with Olaplex was done over a month ago before my friend went on holidays. On Friday we done an Olaplex treatment just for some shine and condition after being in the sun. The result is beautiful and it looks freshly done again. Having an Olaplex treatment done in the salon is a great way to freshen up your colour after a few weeks.

Not just for blondes

Olaplex is not just for blondes it’s suitable for all hair types. This amazing red shade is just beautiful. The owner of this fabulous mane is getting married next year. We are on a beautiful hair mission in preparation for her big day.



Beautiful Chocolate Shade


Another transformation

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There is a full price list available online. Olaplex costs €20 add onto any service. You can find all information about us on there. As always thanks for reading. As I’m using social media to grow my blog please share any posts you find useful on your social media accounts. 

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon