Hi Everyone,

We are busy getting ready for Race week, and of course the bank holiday weekend. I just thought Id do a little post on “the prep” required as its something I’m asked about regularly. These are just a few hints and tips that help to prep for a big event.

* If You are coming to the salon for curls or an up-style, Wash and dry Your hair the night before. Its better to blast it dry with a hairdryer as this will help to smooth the cuticle down and it will have a better shine the next day. Letting the natural oils settle overnight will ensure the style holds better for You.

14483_624725077557776_1714192744_n (640x640) (640x640)*If You feel that Your hair might be oily or feel a bit sticky, or You just prefer it freshly washed. This is me by the way.   Its fine to wash and dry it, but it MUST be 100% DRY by the time You arrive at the salon, to use heated styling tools. So set Your alarm and have Your powerful dryer at the ready for the job.

*Ghd curls or wand curls are quick and very effective, You can be in and out in thirty minutes for this appointment. We do these regularly in the salon and they are always popular. Due to our crazy Irish weather I recommend Ghd or wand curls as I know they have good lasting power. When Your poor hair is up against wind, rain & possible humidity, Heated styling tools and extra hairspray is the only job to guarantee hold. This is also a hell of a lot more pleasant than having Twenty hot brushes stuck in Your head. Ouch  


*For the faces, I recommend exfoliating, lightly a few times in the run up to a big event. My own skin can be sensitive and reactive to salty exfoliators so if You are prone to breakouts go easy on the grainy exfoliators. There are some lovely gentle exfoliators out there like the decleor phytopeal, or Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant. These are nice and mild and shouldn’t cause a reaction. If Your skin is able for it, Boots botanics microdermabrasion polish is brilliant. Do not use this on sensitive or reactive skin.  It is great for removing dead or dull  skin leaving You with a smooth fresh complexion.


*This advise goes for the body too if you are using tan regularly a good exfoliation and moisturise after with a good body cream will really help with Your tan. I love the Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff to exfoliate and I use a Dove body cream for afterwards.

*Make sure You hydrate Your skin by drinking plenty water, use a heavier cream at night. my favourite is the Glamglow thirsty mud. Its fantastic stuff, I sleep in it, but my skin is dehydrated and needs the extra moisture. Use a good eye-cream morning and night. I love the Benefit “its potent” at the moment.


* Have Your eyebrows shaped and tinted professionally. Honestly this is so important. No make up will look right if there’s tiny hairs left on Your brows. having them shaped professionally will take years off You and You will feel so much better with them done. It will lift Your whole face, and a little bit of tint makes it easy to fill them in Yourself. I always get mine done in Pauline Cawleys in Castlebar. Rebecca does mine but all the girls are good. Check the salon out,


So that’s it ladies, I hope I’ve answered Your questions, feel free to comment or ask a question. I hope this helps With Your preparations and enjoy Race week.

You can contact me on 0949035835 for hair and make up appointments.

Thanks for reading

Love, Maria

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon