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I thought it was about time I wrote a post on HAIR seeing as Hairdressing is my main business and I’ve worked in the industry for fourteen years. There’s so much information out there from haircare companies at the moment, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Knowing what is the right thing or the wrong thing to do can be hard work. There are a few really simple things You can do Yourself that wont cost You the earth, that can make Your life so much easier when it comes to managing Your hair.

First let me explain a little about the hair structure. Each strand of hair has a sheet of cuticle scales on the outer layer, this protects all the inner bonds within the hair. These cuticle scales look like slates on the roof of a house. When we shampoo our hair all these cuticle scales are opened up, to let the product in. When we condition we shut down the cuticle, to seal in the inner bonds and protect the hair from damage.

hair_cuticle_big-jpgOk so basically, Your goal is to shut the cuticle scales as much as possible. You can do this with a good conditioner, leave it on for a few minutes for maximum effect. Now here’s the important part, a well shut cuticle is what creates shine on the hair, because it will reflect the light. DRYING Your hair properly is what really matters here. Yes You read that properly. You need to use Your hairdryer.  Now I realize that You were told for years that drying hair naturally was brilliant, but its actually not so great at all. The reason why Your hair is so shiny and smooth after a salon blow-dry is because Your hairdresser works hard to shut down those cuticle scales.

stepheightSo …… How exactly do we do it???

Well, A good quality shampoo and conditioner is absolutely essential. Please pay attention to what You are using on Your hair and scalp. There are loads of professional brands out there that are excellent. Personally I use ALFAPARF products on my own hair. We use and recommend ALFAPARF in my salon. I have found that its a great product its really good quality, sulphate and paraben FREE. Its affordable for both myself as a business owner and for my customers. We are always selling out I can never keep enough of it, so it must be good. The correct shampoo and conditioner suitable for Your hair type, can only be recommended by Your Hairdresser. So forget the adverts and the supermarket deals, & trust the person who actually knows Your hair. • Afa intro deals 9_17_14A

A great little investment is a Denman Flat brush, this little guy is a multi use brush. You can use it for treatments or for blow-drying its great for de-tangling and it will fit in Your handbag. Boots sell them there’s a link here to purchase. Also a good powerful hairdryer with the nozzle on will help too.

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The best way to dry Your own hair, is to try and Blow the hair in the direction that You want it to go. Believe me I get sore arms blow-drying my own hair too, its fine to take a break and rest them for a second. Take small sections and don’t try to save time by taking huge chunks, all You will achieve is FRIZZ and who needs that?? You really don’t need to pull and drag all day, to get smooth locks. A little care and attention will get You a long way. Just take Your time and You will get there, Clip the top sections out of Your way and do the underneath first. DRY IT 100% Do not leave some of Your hair damp, this will turn to frizz and create tangles. If You need to run Your GHD over the ends to finish off this is fine but don’t over-do it.


I hope You have enjoyed this post and have learned a little something from it.

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Well ladies, thanks for reading, let me know how You get on.

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Written by Maria Dillon