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This is just a few quick tips on managing Your own hair. A few simple Habit changes can make life easier. We often end up having these chats in the salon. I suppose I can forget sometimes that things I think are basic are not known by everyone. I thought I’d share these ten little nuggets of information. Feel free to snapchat me or comment or message me any time if You have any questions or want to know anything about hair.

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Blowdrying Essentials

  1. Invest in a good quality shampoo and conditioner 
  2. Shampoo twice rinse and apply conditioner through the mid lengths and ends avoiding the scalp area only.
  3. Don’t overload the hair with product. You might think You need half the bottle of conditioner but trust me, the finer layers of product can penetrate the hair easier. Use too much and it will just go down the plughole. 
  4. Pat dry with a towel soaking up the water. Vigorous towel drying will cause more tangles. 
  5. Begin de-tangling immediately start from the ends work your way up. Starting at the top brushing down will cause breakage. 
  6. Dry Your hair properly with a hairdryer. Contrary to popular belief drying hair naturally is actually more harmful than using heat. When we dry the hair we shut down the cuticle protecting the inner bonds of the hair. 
  7. Use a nozzle. The reason we have a nozzle on the dryer is to direct heat to one place. This ensures a smoother finish. 
  8. Avoid tying hair up wet. This is lethal for breakage, avoid at all costs.
  9. Know Your hair. Is it dry and damaged from over colouring? Is the damage from incorrect handling? Vigorous brushing, brushing tangles out dry etc? Or have You always had dry or frizzy hair naturally? Maybe You have normal hair that just needs a few tweaks to your styling habits. 
  10. Use the correct products for Your hair type. There are loads of brilliant products out there. Just make sure you are using the correct one for Your hair. For example a lady who has naturally dry frizzy hair needs a moisture boosting shampoo mask and maybe a styling oil or cream. This is necessary for maintaining naturally dry hair. A lady with fine hair maybe has broken ends from incorrect use of the Straightner or over colouring. Will need a protein based reconstruction range for weakened hair. Just be aware of the difference.  

Blowdried with Denman brush and GHD curled at the ends

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon