Hi Everyone 

Happy bank holiday it’s been  a fairly busy week. This weekend I am celebrating eight years in business. It was the 26th of October 2007 when I first opened Platinum hairdressing. Some of you will already know the story of how I started but I’m going to tell it again just for the craic. 

So one hungover Sunday morning I was daydreaming (as usual) trying to find ways to get rich and famous this still hasn’t happened by the way. I was living at home with my parents and Lee was 3 at the time. I was working in a salon in town but Life was far too boring for 26 year old me.  I wanted my own business. I  decided there and then to take the bull by the horns and open my own little salon.


And so it began,the search for a suitable spot to open, how to get the cash flow, how to become an entrepreneur etc etc. When I think of it now it was a crazy idea but somehow it worked. I got a loan, found a retail unit that was affordable at the time & got started. Luckily my brother came to the rescue and looked after the manual labour which of course I hadn’t a clue about. It took about three months, and so Platinum  hairdressing was born, on a wing and a prayer. I loved that first little salon. I put my heart and soul into it. Literally my blood sweat and tears went into that place, and it was a success. It was hard there were some awful times, but we had some great times there too. With the love and support of the people of Castlebar I managed to keep going through those horrible years when we had no money and life was difficult for everyone.

In 2010 I got the opportunity to move up to Market Sq. Again my brother came to the rescue.This was a great move at the time, as I got a prime location in the busier side of town. Platinum has gone from strength to strength since and I have successfully built a great local following. Some great opportunities have come my way, I’ve met the most amazing people through my work. Ive upskilled at every opportunity. I’ve completed training in Make up to add to my skills. Ive utilised social media to grow my profile and I’ve been very lucky to have such loyal clients who are literally walking advertisement for my salon. I can’t thank my lovely clients and friends enough for this. I owe you guys everything for all your help promoting my salon. I’ve also had the pleasure of styling many brides for their big day. This is an honour and a privilege I’m so delighted to have been part of.

2015 has been one crazy year so far. I got married, set up my blog, lost my Mum, went on honeymoon & became an Auntie in six months!!!! How crazy can one persons life actually get??? I honestly think working in the salon has kept me grounded. The routine of coming into work doing a job I truly love was a real help to me through difficult times. I guess I feel most comfortable when I’m in the salon. All my clients have been incredibly kind and supportive to me this past year. Of course Sarah did an amazing job keeping the show on the road while I had some much needed time off. Honestly I don’t know how I’d have managed without her. 
So after all that has happened, it really makes me think. Life is short, and You have to make every year count. Writing this post has reminded me of the intense drive and determination I felt back in 2007. I literally thought that failure wasn’t even an option. I hadn’t even considered that the business might not succeed. Naive stupidity and rose tinted glasses I’d call it these days. As you can imagine I’m delighted with myself. This 8 year milestone is even more special to me as thing were so tough the last few months. I’m living proof that if you want something that much and you work hard enough you can have it.

For Darren xx

A good friend of mine passed away recently. Darren trained me as a hairdresser in Galway back in the early 00s. I owe him a lot he was a brilliant teacher and a great friend. He put me on the right road for a fantastic career. I often still practice the basic rules of hairdressing that he instilled into me in those early years. This quote by Eminem is for him. 
Well folks thanks for reading, I know it’s an emotional one. I’m a bit teary eyed after writing it. Thank you for all your continued support.

Love Always,

Maria xx

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon