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Hope You are all well, I’m relaxing poolside here so Just thought I’d write a little post on the Holiday essentials I really couldn’t live without. I hadn’t really time to dwell on the packing situation, due to the horrendous few weeks we had leading up our honeymoon. Under normal circumstances I would have been much better organised but that couldn’t have been helped.  Il be much better prepared for our next holiday. 


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So first of all, let’s talk hair. I knew from previous holidays that our poor hair can get ruined by chlorine and sea water. I packed a treatment, just in case. My old reliable ALFAPARF reconstruction treatment. This is the range we use in the salon and it never fails me. I also took the ALFAPARF magnifying shampoo and conditioner. These guys are lightweight and don’t leave a heavy residue on the hair. Perfect for humid weather. I had no time to get my roots done before my holidays with the funeral and everything. I actually don’t recommend getting highlights done before a sun holiday. I find the sun ruins a good set of highlights, this is a waste of money. I’m glad I didn’t now, as I have spent a few days treating my hair and the condition is better. I can look forward to getting them done once I’m home.

New York was really humid and my hair was a disaster.One thing I will definitely do for my next holiday is get a lisse design smoothing treatment done before I go away,we do this in my salon. As my hair was just impossible to style. I’d start blowdrying it and by the time I had finished it was nearly damp again even with aircon. There was a different voltage on the power points here and even with a plug adaptor my hairdryer wouldn’t work properly. Disaster.com!!!! There was a dryer in the hotel but no nozzle on it agggggghhhhhhh! I really loved New York but I really don’t know how anyone has nice hair in the place. 

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Skinwise, this image prevention tinted moisturiser was my saving grace. I wore it during the day in New York and I’m wearing it all the time since we arrived in Cancun. It’s hydrating but lightweight and comfortable for wearing in the heat. It gives just the right amount of colour but still looks natural. Trust me walking around Manhattan in 30 + degree heat  is not the place for a full face of make up. 

 At night I wore a light foundation(benefits) with Youngblood powder, mascara, my brows (of course) a little shadow, blush and lippy. I took my pippa palate with me on holidays. It’s absolutely perfect for taking away as its so neat and handy saves a lot of space. I picked up a few bits from MAC over here I will do a full post on my purchases soon. 

Carmines Italian on Broadway for MrDillons birthday.


 The next essential item for New York is a pair of suitable walking shoes. I took my Nike Thea’s I wear these at work so they were perfect. We walked for miles around the city. This was a great way to explore and see as much as possible. We packed a lot into our three days. I tell you I was glad of my Nikes because we were walking for hours. 

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Another item I could not have lived without was a pair of New look patterned light trousers from last summer. They are so handy here in Cancun , light and comfortable and perfect to wear for dinner with a vest top and flip flops. I’m so glad I packed them. Shorts and skirts are great but in hot sweaty weather a pair of light pants can be a godsend. 

I’d definitely recommend taking , a bottle of aloe Vera gel. I burnt my shins of all places. I wouldn’t mind but I never get a colour on my legs EVER! I had to buy aloe Vera gel at the hotel and it was something ridiculous like $16. For my next holiday I will definitely bring my own. Anyway they are on the mend so no harm done. 


I also read two excellent books. The girl on the train  and Gone girl. I honestly couldn’t put them down. I would highly recommend both. I love reading on holidays I will definitely try to read more once I return home.

Well that’s all for today folks, if anyone has any questions about our trip or is thinking of booking somthing similar. Feel free to comment or contact me privately on maria@mrsdillonsdiary.ie

As always thank you for reading.

Love Maria xx 

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon