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You have all heard me raving about Image skincare before. I have been using Image since July and I absolutely love it. There is a lot of information out there about all the different skincare brands. It can be confusing at times to know what’s right for you. Firstly let me explain Image are medical based skincare products. This means that Image works beyond the top layer of skin, getting deep into the epidermis. To you and me this means that the new layers of skin coming out have already been treated. A lot of cosmetic based skincare products only work on the first layer of skin where the product is directly applied. As soon as that layer of skin is shed, all the good work is gone with it. Image skincare is a results driven product. This means is it based on what the product can actually do to correct your skin issues. Forget about scents and luxury packaging, because they are not important Image helps you to reach your skin goals. 

Personally I suffer with breakouts on my chin area. My skin is sensitive and reactive it does not respond well to stress.  I can also be dehydrated on the nose and forehead. Last week I started using the Ormedic range from Image to try and deal with the breakouts. I’m using the serum in the morning with my prevention moisturiser. At night I’m using the Ormedic serum and night cream. Aswell as my usual Vitamin c cleanser in the morning, for dehydrated skin and salisylic cleanser at night. I’m very impressed by the Ormedic serum and night cream. They have really helped to can down the breakouts on my chin area. I love the night cream as its so fresh and hydrating. My skin feels so soft after sleeping in it. It’s lovely and calming. 


My skin is much better this week

Have you tried Image skincare yet?? I’m really delighted with the results. My skin looks much better this week. It’s so hard to get skincare right. Breakouts and patchy skin effect my confidence and make me feel horrible. Thank god I discovered Image. 


Pauline Cawleys here in Castlebar stocks Image and the girls are always on hand with loads of tips and advice for me. It’s brilliant to have this fantastic product available here on my doorstep. Pauline Cawleys also do Image facials I haven’t tried them yet but it’s definitely next on my list. Click below to view their website 

Pauline Cawleys Castlebar

Skin prep using Image

I used Image all week to prepare for my friends wedding last weekend. I felt brilliant on Saturday when my make up went on like a dream.

So that’s my latest update on Image skincare. If you have any questions about Your own skin You can get in touch with Pauline Cawleys beauty clinic Castlebar. The girls there will be able to give professional advice. I would recommend seeking advice from a professional salon before buying these products for the first time. Some of the ingredients are quite strong so you need to know what you are doing. Make sure you mention my blog if you do get in touch. 

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Written by Maria Dillon