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So yesterday I had a very exciting morning. I went to Sligo for a free consultation with David MC Conville orthodontists. For a long time my bottom teeth have bothered me. There’s one tooth that’s misplaced due to overcrowding. My lower line is a little uneven, and I would love to have them straight. The top needs a little work too.Over the last few months I have realised that life is short. Putting up with something that is making me feel self conscious is just not worth it. So I decided to take action and get my smile fixed.


My current teeth selfie

David MC Conville Orthodontist clinic is located at the Quay side shopping centre in Sligo. On the Wine street entrance.Of course I’m very familiar with Quayside as there is a River Island there.(This could be dangerous) There is loads of parking available at the shopping centre so this helps.

The team


So I arrived at the stylish modern clinic to find a lovely relaxed atmosphere. (No scary dentist noises/smells) The friendly team made me feel at ease straight away. I went in for my consultation with David. He did an assessment of my teeth, pointed out a few areas that needed correction. He explained the different stages of treatment required. I will need a fourteen month plan to achieve my desired results.As I am far too vain for traditional braces, I’m opting for Invisalign  invisible braces.

Arriving at the clinic


Adult braces

Now I know You are all going to want to know how much the plan costs?? Here’s the thing everybody’s is different depending on the level of treatment required. Everyone knows any cosmetic dentistry is not cheap. For me it’s a long term investment in myself. You can’t put a price on confidence and contentment. I am opting to pay monthly to spread the cost over the fourteen months. There are a few different instalment plans available at no extra cost.

The only way to find out how much it costs is to book a free consultation by calling the clinic on 071 9150820. They also have a clinic in Donegal town 074 9723506 or click onto the link below. My readers can enjoy a discount on €500 OFF Invisilign by mentioning mrsdillonsdiary.ie When You book Your FREE consultation. 
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So I will be taking my readers with me on my Invisalign  journey by blogging about my experience. I hope You enjoy my progress reports on my quest for the perfect smile. I will keep you all informed of how things are going. I’m sure the time will fly. I’m very excited to get started my next appointment is on October 19th when I get the impression done for my Invisalign . Then I have to wait Six weeks for my   Invisalign  to arrive. There will be a few changes to my routine required. Just some little habits I will have to build into my day for oral hygiene with the Invisalign . I’m sure this won’t be too hard to get used to.


Mention mrsdillonsdiary when booking

So that’s it folks, I’m very excited to be starting this new little journey of self improvement. That’s all for now I will keep You updated. Don’t forget to hit that share button.

Love Maria.


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon