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Happy Tuesday. As my snap chatters will know I went to Sligo A few weeks ago to get the Impressions done for my Invisalign braces. In layman a terms an impression is like a mould. It’s basically to take an exact copy of the shape of my mouth and teeth. It needs to be so precise so they can make the brace to fit me perfectly. I was very nervous and anxious getting into the chair, there was no need at all. It was totally pain free. I guess I just didn’t really know what to expect.


Waiting for my appointment

So to explain what actually happens. Well basically a piece of equipment which resembles Lee’s gum sheild for Gaelic, is filled with a soft squidgy material. This was placed inside  my mouth and held firm for a minute or so, top and bottom. It was all over very quickly & I was wondering what I had been nervous about.

My impressions

Next step was to get my teeth photographed. This has to be so exact for the Invisalign to be accurate. I felt a bit awkward as I had never done this before. Again it was over in two minutes and the girls showed me exactly what to do. Then I had an X-ray of my mouth. Just like the usual ones I’ve had before in the Dentists.
So that was it, very simple and all I have to do now is wait six weeks or so for my Invisalign to arrive.


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So as always Thank You for reading. If you are unhappy with Your smile I would advise booking in for a Free consultation. If you decide to go with Invisalign you can avail of a discount simply by mentioning MrsDillonsDiary when you call 071 9150860 to book.

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon