Hi Everyone,
I hope You are all well. A few of You have been in contact to ask how I am getting on with my Invisalign treatment. I thought Id write it all in a blog post for You to read. So I’ve been wearing my aligners now since the 30th of November. The first few days I found it hard to get used to wearing them. Its like anything new, it felt alien to me. My mouth was a little dry so I had to keep sipping water, Never a bad thing eh?? There was a small bit of discomfort but nothing too serious at all. I used a swish of Diflam mouthwash just before I put them in to desensitise the gum area which was slightly tender. There were one or two rough edges on the aligners which I was able to use a nail file to buff off any sharp edges. I also got some orthodontic gum from David Mc Convilles which was very handy to smooth over any edges. After day three my mouth and mind had adjusted to the new way of life and it got much easier.  
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By week two I was far more comfortable and fell into my new routine. My aligners need to be worn 22 hours a day or so. I wear them sleeping, and I wear them at work so that makes up a huge chunk of the day. The other hours in between just fly by I hardly notice I’m wearing them especially while driving, exercising, shopping etc etc . I can take them out to eat and drink which is a godsend really. I usually take them out and soak them in clear mouthwash, or Retainerbrite, while I am eating. I like to keep them as fresh and clean as possible. I brush my teeth after meals and pop the aligners back in. So far I haven’t had any difficulties with them at all. Its also helped me to reduce my coffee consumption which cant be a bad thing.

As part of my treatment I needed to have two teeth extracted. My mouth was overcrowded and in order to make room to correct my teeth two needed to be removed. I was a nervous wreck over this. It turned out to be absolutely fine. I went to my own dentist here in Castlebar for the extractions. It was all over in a few minutes I had driven myself insane with worry but there was no need at all. My next appointment in David Mc Convilles is on January 25th where I will see how my treatment is progressing. I really can not believe how fast the weeks are flying by. I will be almost two months into my fourteen month treatment at that stage. I will keep you guys posted along the way.
As always thanks for reading and remember sharing is Caring.
Love Maria xx 

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon