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Yesterday I was on a training day with Alfaparf in Galway. It was a Scalp analysis course with in depth training for the Semi di Lino range. It was a great day, the course was taught by Aileen Maher and I learned loads. I always come away from a course feeling refreshed and full of ideas. I find up-skilling is an essential part of my career. I really enjoy learning new things and I always pick up a few tips and tricks. 

We went through all the shampoos and conditioners and Masks in the range. Aileen explained exactly which ingredients were in each product in the range. It was so interesting. Even though I have been using the range for ages there was still so much I hadn’t realised. All the ingredients are as natural as possible and of course they are free from chemical sulphates and parabens. 

My favorite products in the range are the Magnifying shampoo and conditioner. This really suits my fine hair. It contains oat protein and needs to be left on for a few minutes to allow the oat protein to swell and plump up the hair. If You have fine hair trust me You need this. 

The Nutri range contains honey and is perfect for dry hair due to the high moisture levels contained naturally in honey. This works on the hydrogen bond within the hair and hydrates without weighing hair down. 

The Discipline range contains almond butter and makes light work of Frizzy unruly difficult hair. It hydrates and helps to soften the cuticle to tame hair and make it more manageable. 

The reconstruction range contains Bamboo with is a natural strengthening product. This plumps protein into the hair while still allowing flexible movement throughout. Perfect for brittle chemically damaged hair. 

The illumination range is perfect for normal healthy hair. It contains linseed oil and gives softness and shine. It’s a fab product and gives a brilliant shine. Amazing on blondes. 

We also went through some scalp issues like hair loss, thinning hair, over oily scalp and dry scalp. 

Massaging the scalp daily or just before shampooing can really help with some common scalp issues. Massage can help to stimulate the papilla muscle which pumps blood into the root of the root helping it to grow. Regular detoxification or exfoliation of the scalp can also help with growth. 

Alopicia can be caused by stress, hormonal changes, anxiety, medication etc etc. There’s loads of different reasons that hair can start to fall out or slow growth. If You feel You are experiencing some hair loss, mention it to me at Your next appointment and I will advise You on the correct products. 

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon