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Hope You are all well. I’m reporting today on a divine treatment I was lucky enough to experience last week. I was invited by Anne Tobin to review her signature treatment Lymphatic drainage massage at her quaint little clinic in New Line Castlebar.

Lymphatic drainage helps to escort fatty deposits out of the body (no harm in my opinion) Areas of stubborn fat are awakened using a massage technique to help move fluid along the lymph glands giving a helping had to the body’s natural drainage system.

So what happens during the treatment??

Firstly Anne starts off with a good old fashioned vigorous massage on the legs, bum & back. Getting right into those stubborn fatty areas helping to increase blood flow to the area & encourage those fat cells to move along.

Next step is the mechanical part of the massage. Using a vibration system to get right into those glutes and hamstrings. This part is so relaxing I was ready to nod off.

Step three the lymphatic cocoon is placed around the body (kinda like a sleeping bag) This is an air cushioned inhale exhale device. Best way I can describe this is like when getting blood pressure taken. The tightening & loosening effect. Again it’s very relaxing.

As someone who regularly trains legs in the gym I really enjoyed this treatment. I found the massage really helped loosen out any muscle stiffness. I really noticed the difference in my leg workouts after the treatment. Mobility was improved. As I stand a lot for work my legs can get very tired. Anne reccomends three treatments to get results so I’m having one done again this week. This is a perfect pre holiday treatment to have done for bikini season. Great for busting cellulite while getting the blood flowing into the booty. What could be better.

Booty progress

As I’m currently working hard on building up my glutes every little helps. I’d highly reccomend this treatment. As Anne is fully trained in sports massage it’s an excellent treatment for anyone who trains regularly aswell as being perfect for aesthetic or relaxation purposes too.

You can contact Anne at her beauty & body clinic on 094 90  26741 for details.

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Love Maria


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon