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I was recently given Mad4Eyebrow to review. As You have probably guessed it’s a brow product. I love a good strong brow so I was happy to test it out in exchange for an honest review.

As You can see from the photo I’ve used it quite a bit. I wouldn’t feel right trying something once and writing about it. I think I’ve worn this nearly everyday since I was given it before Christmas.

I went for the dark brown shade but there is a good range of shades to choose from. They also have some ashen tones which can work well on paler complexions. As Irish folk We tend to have a lot of warm tones naturally. Ashen shades can help to neutralize warm so even though these shades look a little odd. They can be very flattering on. So don’t overlook them.

An applicator comes with the product which is absolutely fine. I prefer to use a brow brush along with it. Just to comb through first and soften any edges afterwards.

I was really happy with how well it lasted through the day. I would apply at maybe 8am and it was still perfect by 11pm. It dries very quickly and there no fear of smudging during the day. It’s a very comfortable product to wear. The little fibers attach to your eyebrow hairs. It looks very natural.

Now I had some very long days in the salon over Christmas. I was wearing Mad4eyebrow and it never budged all day. I also put it through some tough workouts at the gym where it stayed in place. I was very impressed with this as some brow products can be sticky and go smudgy during the day.

I wear it to work with My tinted moisturizer for a natural daytime look but I’ve worn it out over Christmas with full make up too and it can be applied as light or heavy as You wish.

Would I recommend it ??Yes of course. Would I repurchase it?? Absolutely.

You can find Mad4Eyebrow in Rowland’s Pharmacy Main Street Castlebar It’s priced at €29.99

I hope You find this review helpful. If there’s anything You would like to ask drop Me a message on Facebook or Instagram

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon