Hi Everyone 

So yesterday We changed plans and didn’t go all the way out to Jersey Gardens. We stayed in Manhattan instead. We are only here for three days so needed to pack everything in. So we went to Central Park in the morning. It’s absolutely huge and a beautiful place. It reminds me of loads of movies. We walked around for ages taking it all in.


  The fabulous fountain, I think this was in Home Alone 2.  
We sat on the benches for a few mins to rest as it was roasting. They all have a little message on them. Must be sponsored by somebody. I thought it was really lovely. A nice way to remember a loved one. Leaving their name in Central Park so they can never be forgotten.

There was loads of people in the park just wandering around enjoying the sunshine.

After that We took a walk around the City. We saw the Apple Store. We went to Century 21 where we picked up a few great bargains. There was fantastic value on handbags, wallets, sunglasses, and shoes. A lot of designer brands with up to 70% off. Loads of MIcheal Kors bags for around $199 Calvin Klien, Dkny, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, guess, Louis Vuitton etc etc I love Mulberry but unfortunately there was none. I treated myself to a Kate spade handbag instead. I love Kate Spade I’ve been stalking her bags on Kildare Village online shop for a while and waiting for a sale. 

We walked all the way back to our hotel via 5th avenue. The atmosphere is really wow seeing all the designer fashion houses is very surreal. Great experience though.  

We stopped off to see St Patrick’s Cathedral it’s a really beautiful place we lit a candle for our two Mums. It was nice to have a little peace and calm for a few minutes in such a busy city.

Later on We took a walk through Grand central station, holy hell tha has to be the busiest place on earth. Crazy stuff. Great to experience it though. 


Wandering around the city reminds me of so many TV shows and movies. Especially sex and the city. Such a fabulous place. Today our plan is to visit ground zero. So I will update You guys tomorrow.

Chat soon,

Love Maria 


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon