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If you have been following me for a while you will know I have an ongoing weight battle. I lost 42lbs for our wedding earlier this year and have maintained it, thankfully . In July I joined Unislim to lose more weight for our honeymoon in September. I love Unislim and I successfully lost 8 & a half lbs on it. Unfortunately We had a family disaster in July when Our Mum was admitted to hospital in Galway. Mum lost her battle with cancer on 23rd August. This was the most horrific and stressful time we have ever had to endure as a family. I had to take two weeks off Unislim and missed the classes. When I returned after the funeral I had gained 1 & a half lbs.  This wasn’t bad at all, but We were going on our honeymoon the following week. Such a crazy couple of months!!! We decided to go on honeymoon and try to enjoy ourselves as best we could. We had a great time eating and drinking.


March 2015

So when I arrived back to my Unislim class I had gained 5& 1/2 lbs add that to the 1 &1/2 and that makes 1/2 stone. To be honest I don’t think anyone ever went on honeymoon and didn’t gain weight. So anyway I’ve got to work and I’m losing it again. I lost 1lb this week. My goal between now and Christmas is 1lb a week. I’m going through the grieving process and it’s difficult enough as it is. I’m suffering from anxiety and night terrors. I seem to be fine during the day but it’s much worse at night. A few close friends who have been through this ordeal have assured me that it’s perfectly normal. I really hummed and hawed about writing about this, but it’s very real for me. A friend who I spoke to on Saturday night gave me some lovely compliments on how real and honest my blog is. I was delighted to hear this so I thought I would be upfront and honest about my suffering and how it’s effecting my life. Unfortunately I just have to ride out the storm and let grief run its course. Nobody gets to make any decisions in this, I can’t outrun grief, I just have to take the pain as its dished out. That’s all anyone can do. I’m not the first and I definitely won’t be the last.

A good few ladies have written to me asking for advice on maintaining their weight. So many times I’ve been told that a tragic event in someone’s life has caused weight gain. I can see why, because struggling through a difficult time is awful. I can see why people turn to comfort food. God knows I’ve done it plenty of times myself. I find attending a class really helps. The weekly weigh in really works for me. Also my Unislim leader Geraldine is very supportive. She also lost her Mum to cancer and knows exactly how it feels. This is a big help and makes all the difference. I attend the Westport group on a Wednesday at the Westport woods hotel. The weigh in and consultation is private so it’s only ever Geraldine that I see.

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So that’s it folks, my Monday motivation for this week. If there’s any other Unislim ladies out there get in touch. I’m aiming for 1lb per week for Christmas. If anyone is up for the challenge I’d love to hear from you. As always thanks for reading . As I am using social media to grow my blog I’d appreciate if you could share any of my posts that you find useful.

Love Maria xx

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon