Good Morning Everybody,

Another new week, We are trying to adjust to a different world without our Mum. It’s a very strange feeling because everything has changed and yet everything is still the same. Work, school, shopping, exercise, life in general just goes along like it always did. I have to keep reminding myself of what has happened to us.

However,the show must go on, and it is going on. I started back on my Unislim plan on Saturday & so far it’s been going good. I feel much better when I’m eating properly and exercising. It’s great weather for walking too as it’s been dry & fresh. Walking is great for the mind and it helps with any stress or anxious feelings. It also helps me to sleep a bit better. Just getting out in the fresh air for an hour is good for the soul.


Lough Lannagh Castlebar

We are lucky here in the West because our air is so fresh and clean. We have fabulous places to walk too. The Tourlough greenway is a great asset to Castlebar. My personal favourite is Lough Lannagh, I love the place. I also have a few walking trails that I use in Ballyheane where I live with my husband, son & father in law. There are also some nice walking spots out near Snugboro too near my home place. The Booster station trail is a great one. It’s a very steep hill. Killer on the booty has anyone done it???


Beautiful spot on our road.

Eating Well, staying hydrated, and making time to go for a walk is a great help to me through these dark times. Grieving is difficult enough without making it harder on myself. I’m taking the self care route to help me through. I’m talking to my family and friends about how I’m feeling. Looking after myself and indulging in a little pampering. Epsom salt baths, face masks, treatments in the hair etc. All these little things make me feel better and that’s what I’m going to concentrate on for now.



Sunday Lunch, Shepards pie

We are going on our Honeymoon next week. We booked it last April when Mum was on treatment. She had been doing well at the time and We never expected things to change so dramatically in a few short months. We were going to postpone our trip but decided to go ahead with it. If anything some rest and relaxation in the sunshine will do us good.  We are flying to New York first and then Cancun. I will keep you guys posted of what we are getting up to. Keep an eye on my here where I will be posting photos of all the fabulous places we see.

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Love Maria xxx

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon