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It’s been such a busy Summer at work and as We fall into Autumn I have some exciting things in the pipeline.

Last March I became an official stockist for Moroccan oil. I adore this brand and I have seen some massive transformations in hair texture. Regular users will report massive improvement in managing their own hair since adding Moroccan oil into their haircare routine.

The original treatment oil is the iconic Moroccan oil product. Priced at €40 it ain’t cheap. Il admit I hesitated at the start. Although I knew it was absolutely worth it. I still wasn’t sure if the price point was a little optimistic. Having been stung in the past I guess I was “once bitten …”

I started with a small order just to test the water. I also had little samples for My clients to try. It’s gone really well since launching six months ago. By now I’m into the swing of it and I know exactly what will suit Who etc etc. I’m relieved and delighted it’s been a roaring success so far. The results speak for themselves and anyone Who has invested in Moroccan oil hasn’t been disappointed.

After a few months I began to stock the shampoos and conditioner sets. I use these on My own hair and I fell in love with the hydrate duo. Again it’s on the higher end of the budget. A set will set You back €46-€56 depending on size. However it has the ability to transform unruly frizzy dehydrated locks to a silky soft manageable mane When used correctly. Any of My clients Who purchased this came back to repurchase once it was used. This is always My benchmark when it comes to retail. If they don’t like they won’t buy twice. Simples.

How could I write a post without including the Dry Shampoo??

You all know I’m a #dryshampoohun I Love Love Love a good dry shampoo. I take pride in the mileage I’m able to get out of a Blowdry. Due to My hectic work/gym schedule I only wash and Blowdry My hair once a week. So dry shampoo is My life. The Moroccan oil dry shampoo is hands down The best on the market in My opinion. I’ve been doing hair a long time and trialing these products. It would be My favorite by far in terms of comfort, scent, wearability and how the hair looks. I love it. It’s available in light or dark tones and is priced at €21

If you have any questions about Moroccan oil or would like a consultation.

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon