So, I completed my first week at Unislim and had a fantastic loss of 5 &1/2 lbs. I was absolutely delighted with this result. I worked for it, and I got it. Weight loss is hard work and I don’t care what anyone says. It takes a lot of willpower as well as forward planning, and clever decision making. I call myself “the slut of slimming clubs” because I have been to them all. From Weight Watchers, to Slimming world to Motivation clinics, Gyms, Clean Eating, Calorie counting etc  I have tried them all. They all taught me a little bit, & actually they all work for a while at least, but its still a struggle for me every single day. I find it easy enough to maintain my weight but its harder to get those numbers down on the scale.


So I threw myself into the Unislim plan with full force. I really want to lose a stone for Our honeymoon in September. We got married in March and opted to delay Our honeymoon for six months . I decided not to use my treat allowance for junk food on my first week. I still used them on Saturday & Sunday but I chose to make a Yummy Sunday brunch of pancakes with maple syrup instead of indulging in alcohol, chocolate or crisps. I meal planed everyday and took my lunch with me to work. I also insisted that Mr Dillon join me on my unislim journey. It helps when there’s two cooking & eating the same thing. Sarah who works with me in the salon is also on unislim so this helps too, We keep apples and plums in the salon to snack on throughout the day. I made oattyberry bites from the unislim website, they are lovely with a cup of tea and only 1 yum each. My allowance is 7.

Check them out here

I walked for an hour three times during the week, I counted and tracked every bite all week. Its not always easy to have perfect weeks & I’m sure I’ll have weeks where things don’t go so well. For now I’m going to keep my head down and try to be as good as I can. From past experience I find the first month on any new plan is where I can make the most headway. I use little mind tricks to keep me motivated. Writing down goals can really motivate me, I make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of reaching my goal. It sounds silly, but hey whatever works eh?  I wont be complaining when I’m on the beach in Cancun now will I?

I hope You have enjoyed this post, If anyone is interested in joining Unislim have a look on for a class near You. I go to the Westport group but there is one in Castlebar on Saturday morning at the tennis club.

Thank You for reading, & have a lovely Sunday,

Love Maria xx



Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon