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How are You all? 

I will be taking a break from Blogging during December like I did last year. The salon needs my full attention throughout the silly season. It leaves little time for anything else. Fitting in my workouts and food prep will be challenge in itself. Not to worry though I will manage it. If there’s not much Social media banter Over the next few weeks don’t be surprised. However I will be back in 2017. 

Anyway just to give a little update on my fitness. As most of You know I’ve been working with Georgiasfitlife.com for a lot of 2016. I’m now 4 weeks into my second twelve week nutrition and training programme. I did one from July 1st to September 30th. I took a break for a month and Started a new plan on November 1st. 

Nov 15- Nov 16

I was in two minds about signing up again in November. I knew I wanted to continue to work with Georgia and to keep progressing. I had thought about leaving it until January because there’s so much going on this time of year. I’m so glad now I decided to go for it and work towards my goals for these few weeks in the run up to Christmas. 

Another gym selfie

I decided not to drink alcohol for the first six weeks of this plan. It was my decision to abstain temporarily so I could make some progress. I felt in the past that my progress had been stalled by nights out, occasions involving alcohol. In my personal experience boozy weekends lead to unproductive demotivated weeks. Poor decision making followed by guilty feelings and negative thoughts were the after effects of nights out for Me. I felt that taking a temporary break from alcohol would really help me to stay focused and reach my goals by the end of the year. Not everyone will agree or understand my reasons but I am so glad I finally took control and done this for Myself. 

Out for dinner

Going out sober is not too bad at all. I’ve had great fun and really haven’t found it difficult. It’s been well worth it. My results and measurements are all very pleasing. I’ve made slow & steady progress over the last four weeks. I’m very happy with myself. The combination of sheer determination, a great supportive coach, good nutrition and training have all come togeather. The booze ban is making things much easier. I have enjoyed a few meals out too and haven’t felt deprived at all. I love my food plan I’ve been getting creative in the kitchen. Will tasty filling foods there’s never a need to be bored or hungry. 

Dunne’s stores has everything I need

So to conclude Im very happy on this plan. I do intend to have a few drinks over Christmas and relax and enjoy the food for a couple of days. If anyone was thinking of taking up online coaching in January You can email hello@georgiasfitlife.com for information. 

Also I want to thank each and every one of You for following my progress so far. You are all too good. 

Chat soon

Love Maria 


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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon