As some of You will already know, I am a hairdresser, I have run my own salon in Castlebar since 2007.

As a child, I was obsessed with cutting my dolls hair. Every Dolly in our house was stripped naked, washed in the bathroom sink and the hair brushed within an inch of its life. Once I had done this Id hack off all the hair with the kitchen scissors. As I got older, it was upstyles, curls, crimping, waving etc I was always obsessed with doing hair.

In my teens I began colouring my hair at home, and I had many the disaster with bottles of home colour from the pharmacy. I attempted highlights too. There was even a few people who let me cut their hair, even before I had any training. A decision I am sure they lived to regret.


In school I was discouraged from pursuing a career in hairdressing, an Arts degree was the only way to go. It was that or Nursing Or if You had little or no interest in school, like me, there was always the secretarial course in the VEC or the Tech as it was called. A good reliable office job was far better than going in washing heads and sweeping up hair. Besides the wages being terrible It could take years to get a qualification. So I was told at sixteen.

So I went to collage in 1999, for a short while, and after that didn’t really work out, I tried a factory job. I was still dreaming of training as a hairdresser, so in 2001 I packed in my job and started an apprenticeship in Galway. Well it was hard work, washing heads and sweeping up hair, and the wages were bad, but guess what?? I loved it, I absolutely adored the place. I worked hard and grabbed every bit of training I could get. I had fantastic trainers and worked with some brilliant hairdressers, & had a good work ethic and an excellent standard of hairdressing instilled into me from day one. This has stood to me throughout my career, the desire to always improve and to never assume Your brilliant at something because there is always somebody else out there who can do it better.

So my love affair with hair continued, after working as a stylist for a few years, I was hungry for my own salon. In  October 2007 PLATINUM Hairdressing was born. Opened on a wing and a prayer with a bank loan that I managed to get approved I really don’t know how, but it made my dream happen. I couldn’t have picked a worse time to open, right on the eve of the big R. I wont say that word because it breeds negativity, and negativity is not allowed on mrsdillonsdiary. After a few tough years things began to look up.

In 2010 I got the opportunity to move into a retail unit on Market Square, I love it on the square, Its a hive of activity and theres always a good vibe there. Over the last five years, I have completed numerous training in colour,cutting,make up upstyling & social media, which has led me to Blogging. I love to keep updated and I am constantly moving forward and pushing myself further. My career has been fabulous and exciting, and has been so much more than washing hair and sweeping up. I often think of those words being said to sixteen year old me. I’m so glad I didn’t let negative comments phase me, or stop me from pursuing a career I love and am so passionate about.

The moral of the story is, the heart always wins in the end, do what You love and You will never work a day in Your life.

Thank You for reading,

Love Maria, (aka Mrs Dillon)




Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon