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Most of You will have heard Me complain of My adult acne. I’ve suffered with skin breakouts for years. I’ve tried many different treatments through the years but to no avail.

Shortly after Christmas I met Stephanie the owner of FACE on Chapel street in Castlebar. We chatted about My skin troubles and How I had tried everything from Laser to closely monitoring My diet to taking hormonal balancing DIM to even trying antibiotics. I explained how sensitive and reactive My skin was. Stephanie kindly invited Me in to be her guinea pig to try and get My skin under control.

We began with Dermalux facial treatments I had to commit to two treatments per week. The treatments are very relaxing and only take about 20 mins or so. It feels similar to a Sunbed for the face. There’s different types of light that work on healing, rejuvenating and killing bacteria under the skin. It was ideal for My skin as it’s so gentle. I react so easily to products that it made sense to go for such a simple treatment in My case.

You can see some of the acne scars in this photo. Around My nose and chin would be very red and inflamed at times. I could also have very dry patches on My nose that would peel.

Showing some signs of improvement here. As the redness gradually reduced and the skin calmed. You can see how fresh and glowing My skin looks here. No dry patches despite the freezing weather.

Things got better as the weeks went on. Although I suffered a few mini setbacks due to hormonal changes etc etc. What I love is that even I get a little breakout it heals and disappears very quickly. It’s not persistent or painful like before. No hard lumps under the skin anymore.

I had twelve dermalux treatments in total and I was also Using an Ampule of super healing serum. I needed this as My skin was so inflamed and really needed a lot of tlc to heal.

This photo was at the end of My treatment. You can see from the photos how My skin gradually progressed. From now I have to keep it maintained with a dermalux every second week. I’m also using a moisturizer prescribed by Stephanie to help maintain My skin health. I’m using an SPF suitable for sensitive skin.

All in all My skin has massively improved since the treatment. Yes there are relapses from time to time but that’s normal. The skin is an organ and We can’t control the human body all the time. I’ve loved all the tips and advice from Stephanie and Collette at FACE. It’s been great to have someone to consult with about My skin issues. Instead of struggling to understand Why it’s so reactive on My own. I used to get so frustrated with it flaring up all the time.

You can find FACE on Chapel street Castlebar. It’s next to House of Plates restaurant. The girls offer a free consultation and are there to advise You on which treatments are suitable for Your skin.

You can also find FACE on Facebook Instagram and Snapchat.

I will keep You all updated on My Instagram stories make sure to follow Me over there.

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon