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Hope you are all well. It’s hard to believe November is here. It has been such a crazy year for me. Sometimes I feel like my head is spinning with all that changed for me this year. Anyway Christmas is coming. It will be here before We know it. 


November is s great time to knuckle down with healthy eating and exercise. The weather is so fresh at the moment it’s great to be able to get out for walks. I also started doing this DVD at home. It’s very handy as I don’t have to leave the house. Especially as it gets dark so early now. There’s a warm up first then the workout is broken up into 3 minute sessions. There’s 12 rounds to complete and then a cool down. The moves are fairly simple punches, knee raises etc progressing onto to lunges, squats,  and ab work. I only made it to round 8 yesterday but today I did all 12. I’m a bit sore, I can feel the burn already so it must have done something. I will keep you posted on how I’m getting on. 

So what have I been eating?? Well I’m still going to Unislim I lost 1 &1/2 lb last week. I have a lot on my mind lately, so it’s even harder. But I keep telling myself junk food won’t help me. Eating clean and nourishing my body the right way will help. 


A few of the breakfasts I’ve been having lately. All Unislim friendly of course.   

Avocado & Egg for breakfast on toast


Gentle spiced chicken


On Monday I had a little look around the shops & met a friend for lunch. O Briens is a favourite of mine as there’s loads of healthy options available. I usually go for the gentle spiced chicken salad with a slice of soda bread instead of the foiaccia to save a few calories.  You can always make healthy choices when out and about. A little tip of mine is to go online and have a browse of the menu before You go. This helps me to make a better decision. Avoiding places that serve chips helps too. Out of sight out of mind.

Another good trick I learned when I was attending Motivation in Castlebar about giving in to temptation was. Ask yourself what are you saying yes or no to?? For example if you say Yes to the chips today, You are saying No to wearing your favourite outfit at the weekend. I always remember that when I think about giving in to junk food. Is it worth it?? Not really, I’d much rather have the salad today and wear that great outfit at the weekend. 

So on that’s it for today folks.

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon