Hi Everyone 

I had been feeling very de-motivated last week week. I think it’s since the weather changed. It’s so nice to put on the fire and snuggle up on the sofa in the evenings. Sometimes a little chill- out time is good for the soul. There’s times in life when our bodies are telling us to slow down and take some rest. I think November is the perfect time to indulge in a little rest and relaxation before the busy Christmas season kicks in.

I have been doing a little meal prepping .Last December I found it was a lifesaver to have some meals prepared and frozen for the busy times at work. It can be so easy to fall into temptation when I’m up to my eyes. I have filled my freezer with some staple dinners such as spagbol, chicken curry, beef casserole, beef curry. So handy to have at the ready. For anyone who struggles in December I highly recommend doing this. When it comes to the war on fat You need to be two steps ahead of Yourself.

  I had a few bad days last week, We had been away for the weekend and it really took me a while to get back to routine. It can be difficult at this time of year when it’s so cold and miserable. It can be easy to slip into comfort food. Especially if I’ve had a few drinks over the weekend I felt so exhausted and lethargic I found it hard to get motivated again. Then I had a head cold aswell so I got no exercise done at all. I didn’t go to my Unislim class either. This made me feel even worse. 

Anyway this is a new week and Yesterday was my first day back on the wagon again after my little break. Once I get one good day under my belt I’m flying it again. Monday meal prep was in full force yesterday. There’s nothing like it and now I feel organised and in control again. 

A photo from my Instagram account. If Your not following me already come on over. I love Instagram I find it so inspiring and it helps put me in a great mood. There’s so many pretty things on Instagram to look at. I always get great ideas for meals on there too. Instagram is all visual, it’s photos instead of status updates. This works very well as there’s a lot of positivity.  The best time to check Instagram is first thing in the morning. Honestly it puts me in a good frame of mind for the day. 

I’m following the Unislim plan so I use my own recipes and weigh out the carbs 60g dry pasta or rice per portion. If anyone wants recipes let me know I will do a post on them no problem. 

As always thanks you for reading and please share this post.

Love Maria 


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon