Hi Everyone

This is the recipe for the porridge bread I made on snapchat last week. I made two  different versions a savoury and a sweet. They were delicious. I was making two small loaves so I broke down the recipe into half.  Il give You the full version and You can break it down if You need too.


Love Maria xx


cake liner are from homestore and more


425g of porridge oats

500g of natural yogurt I used Glenisk high protein.

1 teaspoon of bread soda.

A few walnuts & teaspoon of chia seeds for the top.

For the sweet version

All of the above plus

A punnet of Fresh or frozen blueberries

A scoop of vanilla protein powder (this is optional, You could use the vanilla flavoured Glenisk yogurt instead if you don’t have protein powder)

1/4teaspoon of vanilla extract

A tablespoon of desicated coconut for the top.


Mix porridge Yogurt and baking soda together and place in a lined cake tin.  If your making the savoury version decorate the top with walnuts and chia seeds.

If your making the sweet version mix the porridge, blueberries,vanilla extract, vanilla protein powder add the yogurt mix well. Use the coconut to decorate the top.

Bake at 180 for 50-60 mins do not open the oven until at least 40 minutes have passed. Wrap in a clean tea towel to cool as it will soften the crust.

oats, blueberry & vanilla bread


Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon