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So dare I say it? But since I am in the mid thirties zone, my skin has really changed. I suffered with oily skin and breakouts for years. I had loads of excellent products to deal with oily skin.  I always used a full coverage foundation like MAC studio fix fluid, set with Mineralize skin finish powder. This combo worked brilliantly, for years. It covered up my breakouts, acne scars etc, it was fantastic. However that all changed in recent months, I began to notice my MAC foundation was really uncomfortable, my skin was patchy, itchy and red after use. At first I thought it was the product, until I realised. My skin has changed.


Of course It makes perfect sense, How can the same foundation still suit You after nearly TEN YEARS, Yes You read that correctly, I have been wearing Studio fix since around 2005. Of course I don’t have the same skin at 34 that I had at 24. How silly of me, but I had become so used to the product that I never changed. I did change my shade back in 2011 from NC35, What was I thinking??? To a much more realistic NC20. Now don’t get me wrong, If I am going to a wedding or a long day out, I will always use Studio fix fluid, as my foundation. Its fantastic for long wear, it really lasts all day. But for daily use It no longer suits me, as it contains too much talc and dries out my dehydrated skin.

Available from Glo beauty clinic castlebar

Available from Glo beauty clinic castlebar

MAC is my favourite brand to work with, When I’m doing a make up application in the salon. I feel I can trust it 100% I know it will last for clients. If a lady is coming into me for her make up she’s usually going to a wedding and needs it to last all day. I tend to stick with MAC foundations, powders, eye shadows & Lipsticks, while working in the salon.

my latest love

My daily foundation

However, I have had to re-evaluate my own personal make up bag lately. I now need very hydrating make up products for my skin. I’ve recently been introduced to the Benefit “hello flawless” foundation, I love it, I use it with the YOUNGBLOOD mineral powder. These two seem to work really well on my skin. I have loads of coverage but I’m still Hydrated. I feel like my skin can breathe, and It lasts all day. I can wear this combo to work and it has not dried out my skin so far so good. I’ve recently been given a sample of YOUNGBLOOD liquid mineral foundation which I will try out soon and review it. I’ve heard great things so I’m dying to give it a try.

Next to try

Next to try

So the question is, are You stuck in Foundation Rut?? Have You used the same foundation for years like me, and failed to re-evaluate Your make up bag. Change is great, don’t be afraid of it. Fresh dewy skin is all the rage these days. Matte powdery faces can be aging. Ask at the cosmetic counters for a sample and try before You buy. I’m glad I took the leap and tried something new.

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon