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You really can’t visit New York without going to see ground zero. It’s an amazing place and a fantastic memorial to those that died. We took the subway from grand central terminal to Fulton street as it was too far to walk. The subway is exactly as it is in the movies, old, hot and smelly, but it’s fast we were there in seven minutes.


new york subway


ground zero


ground zero

The north and South pools stand exactly where the twin towers stood. All of the people who died in 911 are named on the edges of the pools. This is a beautiful memorial and a great mark of respect for those who lost their lives.

I spotted a good few Irish names there too. There’s an eerie feeling at ground zero. We went into St. Paul’s church just beside the memorial. This was used as a base to treat the injured during the 911 tragedy. It’s just a tiny local little church in the middle of NYC and it never got damaged in the disaster which seems crazy because it’s so close to the site. They have some original items from the New York fire department there.

 I spotted an Irish flag in St. Paul’s too. We lit candles for our Mums again. 

After we walked down through the financial district to have a look at the Irish hunger memorial. This is lovely and they have a stone to represent each county in Ireland. 

 There are Irish accents everywhere in this city. I can see why though it’s a fabulous place. 

  We managed to squeeze in a little shopping too. 
 Busy day and we went out last night to Carmines Italian with some friends from home. Il do another post on that later. Today we leave New York and fly to Mexico for part two of our honeymoon. The next week is all about relaxation. We managed to pack loads into our little time in New York. We will definitely be back again.

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Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon