Hi Everyone
It’s a while since I wrote a post. Summer is a busy time at work and it’s hard to find the time to write.
I recently took part in a six week online training programme with Coach/PT Paul Dermody and his wonderful lady and business partner Orlaith Dilleen. I was lucky enough to win a spot on the programme. This was an amazing prize for Me as I never win anything and this was something I really enjoyed.

Better than a tin of biscuits eh??

I first met Paul online last Autumn I really enjoyed his content. The tips and cues on recognising different muscles and mindful training really caught my attention. Following Him actually changed my gym habits, because that’s what they were habits. Going in flying through the sets getting it done etc etc
Paying little attention to efficiently carrying out those moves or actually engaging the correct muscles. Listening to Paul on social media made Me become more aware and train mindfully. I watched His videos, listened to His advice and I became more focused and eager to learn more.

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Later on Paul introduced us all to Orlaith Who is a generally fabulous lady full of knowledge on training, mindset, emotional wellbeing as well as being extremely talented in the kitchen. Some of her food photos would have Me wanting to eat my phone.
Back in April I attended a health and nutrition seminar in Gary Scully’s gym in Annaghdown where I met Paul and Orlaith in person.

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I continued to follow their social media afterwards and when Mindfully fit
Podcast was launched I listened in and really enjoyed the chats. I would highly recommend listening to this podcast. I often listen while I’m out for a walk or driving. Honestly it’s become part of my relaxation routine. It has really changed my perspective on things.

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So the six week programme was great fun. I wanted to concentrate on my technique. My goal for the six weeks was to improve my mind to muscle connection, activation, general efficiency while training.
We revived an ebook with links to the online series this contained full instructions with video guides and cues for each move.
There was also a full guide on how to calculate bmr and loads of info and help on counting and calculating macros.

Paul and Orlaith were both so kind and helpful and really couldn’t do enough to help Me.
I sent videos regularly of my attempts to engage the correct muscle groups. They were both happy to offer advice and tips on how to get the most from each workout. Areas where I needed to improve etc etc
Im still trying to perfect the latt pulldown but I will get there.

The effects of glute activation

One thing I really loved about this plan was there was very little emphasis on weight, measurements, progress photos etc.
I think it really helped Me to relax and enjoy the journey.
I had worked with a fantastic online coach Georgia for over a year and I was almost ready to go it alone.
The six weeks with Paul and Orlaith was a great little transition Phase giving Me the freedom to make my own decisions and as Orlaith would say

Choose the food and choose the consequence

As most of You know I’ve been on this “Lifestyle project” of mine for a few years and I have lived and learned a lot.
While I was on the more strict regime of tracking progress every week I loved it and it was what I needed at the time. It instilled great habits into Me but those habits are second nature now. Although I still need to be very mindful and pay close attention to my emotional wellbeing. I no longer need to be so fearful of going backwards. I have a lot more confidence in My own ability to manage my lifestyle.

About four stone ago.

All in all I really enjoyed my time with Paul and Orlaith and I would highly reccomend their online plan.
I think I may even have to make a trip or two to Galway at some stage to do a few one to one training sessions. That latt pulldown machine is giving Me nightmares

Thanks everyone for reading and if You enjoyed this post give it a share.
Bye for now,

Paul’s snapchat is PaulDermody28
By the way this is not any kind of Advert. They have no idea I was writing this post. I just done it because knowing Paul and Orlaith has genuinely made my life better.

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon