Those of you who have been following me on Facebook or Instagram will know that I suffer with my skin.
I have horrible breakouts around my chin area and suffer with dehydrated dry skin on my nose and forehead.
This was the bane of my life and it didn’t matter how good I am with skincare until recently that is.

I was recently introduced to IMAGE skincare.
After trying out loads of cosmetic brands I was very interested to hear that this product was getting great results with problem skin.
So basically IMAGE works deep into the epidermis repairing the skin underneath as well as the top layer.

skin-care-2I am prone to breakouts so my night time routine consists of the salisylic cleanser.

You can actually feel this product working on your face the minute you apply it to your skin.
The salisylic gel gently removes make up and eliminates excess oil, while lightly exfoliating the dead skin cells.
This is powerful stuff and needs to be rinsed off very well.



skin-care-1Next step is the ageless total repair cream

Again this product is strong and you need to build up your skin to get used to it.
It leaves a tingling sensation on the skin.
It’s kinda strange but once you get used to it you won’t mind.
This is only for use 3 times a week as it is a micro exfoliating product.
The alpha hydroxy acids resurface and rejuvenate the skin.
This wonder product works while your asleep.


skin-care-3For the mornings I have the vitamin c cleanser

This is for dry dehydrated sensitive skin and contains essential antioxidants to soothe dry dehydrated skin.
This is very calming and smells like oranges.
It’s fresh fruity scent is gorgeous in the mornings.




skin-care-4Next up is the daily moisturiser.
This smells like suncream and reminds me of holidays.
This contains plant derived stem cells to delay the ageing effects of sun on skin cells.

I actually cannot believe how much my skin has calmed down.
I’m usually highly sensitive and reactive as well as dry and dehydrated.
I’ve only been using these products for 10 days and I’m actually in shock at the results.
My skin has never looked so fresh and balanced.
I love make up but I hate wearing it every single day.
I love to have fresh skin for at least a day or two in the week.
Especially if I am out walking or jogging.
I love to let my skin breathe.

I have had great success with IMAGE and I would highly recommend it.
Give it a go and see for Yourself.

Price wise they are the going rate for any professional brand.
They are no more expensive than any other leading brands on the market.
I only know of two places that stock these amazing products.

Pauline Cawleys beauty clinic in Castlebar.
Sea breeze in Oranmore Co Galway.
If anyone else locally is stocking IMAGE Please let me know and I will add you to this.

Maria Dillon
Written by Maria Dillon